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Good times at the pool…

Posted by yakdaddy on April 17th, 2008

Took Josh and Abby to the pool session in Johnson City Tuesday and a good time was had by all.  Josh had been many times in the past, but this was Abby’s first time.  Since my 7-year old daughter seems to be my best bet at raising a boater, I was really hoping the evening would go well.

 As she wedged into her brother’s green Fun1, I was a bit concerned that she might have some difficulty wet-exiting but my fears were unfounded.  I launched her into the pool and before I even got in the water, she’d paddled across the shallow end, chased her brother (who was swimming), flipped over and wet exited without even getting the top of her head wet.  Best of all – she was grinning and trying to get back in before we’d even gotten the boat to the side.

Josh tried out Wesley’s demo Sidekick and really liked it.  He was moving much faster, sitting more comfortably, and appeared to be less ‘tippy’ than in the Fun1.  I guess he and Abby have both outgrown the good ole Fun1.  Josh asked if we could get the Sidekick and I told him we’d have to see about selling the Fun1 first.  Luckily, he didn’t bring up the fact that I’ve got more than one boat!

Later, Abby tried the Fun 1 1/2 and really liked it.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that the boat was pink!  The boat was a bit big on her, but it wouldn’t take her long to grow into it.  She scooted all around the pool and I never once saw her look like she might flip (can’t say the same of her time in the Fun1).

 Looks like our good ole fun1 may soon be replaced with a sidekick!

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