jessie-stone2Promoting the Spirit of Whitewater

The Whitewater Symposium seeks to advance the spirit of whitewater paddling through bringing leaders of the sport together. Our focus is on generating new ideas to support the future of whitewater among those who are genuinely passionate about it. Collectively, we have the greatest potential to influence its future.

The Whitewater Symposium program seeks to involve all those who actively love whitewater sport. This includes intermediate paddlers who want a deeper appreciation for paddlesport. The Symposium also supports the grassroots feeder programs that encourage new and continued participation, empowering more people to take on productive roles in stewarding whitewater paddling development.

Here’s how you can benefit from the Whitewater Symposium:

For Individuals

• Take paddling clinics with nationally recognized experienced instructors

• Networking with other paddlers

• River rescue training with the best instructors

• Meet and paddle with some of the highest profile authors, adventurers, and video producers of whitewater sport

• ACA instructor updates are available

• Kickoff winter preparation for next paddling season


For Schools, Clubs, and Instructional Programs

• The symposium is the “Outdoor Retailer” of instruction – the most influential national-level gathering

• Keep abreast of what’s current, cutting-edge, progressive, and innovative

• Networking between clubs, middle schools, university outdoor programs with paddlesports

• River rescue and risk management training with the best kayak-focused instructors

• Share teaching strategies

• ACA instructor updates are available

• Maintain cutting edge program design and marketing

• Share success stories for programming

• Confirm peer best practices

• Kickoff winter planning and marketing for next season



• Reach schools, programs and instructors that initiate 10,000 beginners annually

• Networking with paddlesport instructors

• Discuss optimum presentation of the sport to encourage broad growth

• Have a focus group for feedback

• Opportunity for rollout of products

• Support grassroots promotional training to grassroots delivery mechanisms

• Promoting a positive media image of the sport.

• Business workshops for the small paddlesport business