The Spirit of 2011 Symposium

The 2011 Symposium was built on some of the most successful attributes of past symposiums – The engaged spirit of simply listening to interesting panel discussion, breaking out into extended conversations, and having fun together, especially on the water … where we all belong!

2011′s version of the WWS was hosted by Jackson Kayak and the first time a manufacturer has hosted these conversations. Jackson Kayak brought not only a new/unique venue to the WWS, but interesting opportunities as well; their team, their scene and their spirit to name a few. Within this spirit and the continual evolution of the program, we introduced a new format and some great new elements that embrace the mission of the WWS in it’s purest sense:

- ALL-in-ONE keynotes and panel’s, prior to themed break out sessions!
- On water sessions for EVERYONE at the same time!
- A party, Tennessee-style, at the end of every day!
- FUN with multiple disciplines like paddle boarding, kayak fishing and more.

We also focused more on the future. Where many meetings of the mind can focus on the difficulties of an industry’s sorted past… we have a great future with increasing participation across the board for whitewater and encouraging stats everywhere you look. In the spirit of this exciting phase for our sport, we focused the WWS on opportunities to come, means for growth, and setting new bars for paddlesports and all it’s many disciplines. Our presenters had fresh, out-of-the-box ideas to share, to give us a clean new spin on all that is whitewater… encouraging new territory, yet still those legendary conversations that had us all returning home from the WWS with a head full of steam!