2010 Presentation Topics

19742_312703413211_72062778211_3501689_7050014_nThe 2010 Symposium will have three major “Tracks” of conversation: The Business Track,  The Development Track and The Paddler Track. There will be workshops, panels and seminars spanning all three audiences and tracks highlighted by special guests and industry leaders.


  • Paddling School Business Models: PANEL: Bruce Lessels, Jon Clark, Sarah Bell, Jerry McAward
  • Successfully defining your brand and target market: Anna Levesque
  • Building youth participation, Outdoor Nation: Chris Fanning
  • Shat it means to be a Paddlesport Ambassador: Andrew Holcombe
  • How to Connect to the Paddling Community: Janet Cowie, Jerry McAward, James McBeath
  • Social media marketing: James McBeath, Joe Jacobi, Lee Hart
  • SWOT analysis for Whitewater Kayaking (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats): Andy Zimmerman
  • Working with Non-Profits: Mark Singleton
  • Positive Talking Points for Whitewater: Jon Clarke, Chris Fanning, Eric Jackson, Anna Levesque, Bruce Lessels,
    Andy Zimmerman
  • How to Create a Kayak Program at a Kids Camp: Wayne Dickert
  • How to get Liability Insurance: Chris Stec
  • Kayak Design Basics: Mark (Snowy) Robertson
  • How to Save Access on your Local River: Mark Singleton
  • Empower your Employees: Danny Mongno
  • How to start a kayak school: Sara Bell
  • World Kayak:  Blueprint for the Future of Kayaking: James McBeath
  • How to Create a Marketing Plan: Cheri McKenzie


  • Swiftwater Rescue Training- Throw Ropes and Entrapments: Cody Harris
  • Swiftwater Rescue training: Mike Mather
  • The 2010 Instructional Greatest hits: Anna Levesque, Eric Jackson, Heather Herbeck,
  • How to Build a Resume and Get Hired in our Industry: Mark Singleton, Wayne Dickert
  • Yoga for Kayaking class: Anna Levesque
  • Allowing your Body to Kayak into Old Age: The importance of stretching: Anna Levesque
  • How to teach very tentative students: Janet Cowie
  • Teaching Progression in Clubs: Jerry McAward
  • How to Create Kayak Adventure Travel Trips: Juliette Kastorff
  • It takes All types to make a healthy market, are you full service?
    Teaching and selling River Running, playboating, creeking, and everything in between.: Eric Jackson
  • Whitewater Parks- How they happen, what results?: Risa Shimoda
  • How to Host/Organize a Home Town Throwdown: Colin Kemp


  • Kayak Fitness Cross Training: Heather Herbeck
  • Soft Power Health: Jessie Stone
  • Big Boomin Fun with Wayne: Wayne Dickert
  • Slalom Survivor with Joe Jacobi
  • Creeking with Andrew Holcombe
  • Freestyle with Eric Jackson
  • Confidence with Anna Levesque
  • 4P’s of Paddling, Rolling and the Forward Stroke: Ben Lawry
  • Opportunities to Paddle Abroad: Juliette Kastorff
  • Expedition River Logistics: John Grace
  • Effective Breathing and Focus Techniques for Improving your Paddling Performance: Anna Levesque
  • Getting Yourself Sponsored: Andrew Holcombe
  • How to make a kayak film/documentary: John Grace
  • Slalom Whitewater: Juliette Kastorff
  • Intro to SUP: Woody Callaway

Note:  Presentations are subject to change!