Symposium Update

We are exactly two weeks away from what we hope to be a powerful, impactful ‘meeting of the minds’. Our 3-day schedule line-up is hot off the press and is sure to provide discussions, workshops and the networking you are looking for.

Professional facilitators to lead discussions
* Advertising & Marketing
How effective is our marketing? Develop 3 marketing initiatives that we can agree upon as an industry.
* What is the role of professional paddlers & who is paying for them?
* Pro-deals & give-aways: Are we hurting our market by ‘giving too much away’?
* Supporting the clubs as an area of industry growth.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Discussions & Workshops by Dan Gavere

Social Media, website design, grants ~ The perfect combination for small businesses

River Rescue Refreshers with Abe Hererra

GoPro Filming and editing with the amazing Kris Jaymo

Workshops that will improve your personal paddling AND your current teaching methods, skills and techniques ~ Rolling, boofing, freestyle and slalom techniques throughout the event.

Tons of great choices during event. We will use Sunday to wrap up the event by inviting our facilitator to lead our closing discussion on “Where do we go from here” . . .

Find the 3-day schedule here.

2012 Symposium Schedule

Register NOW . . . after September 28th a $50 late fee is added.

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