Whitewater Rescue Review

We are pleased to announce that Abe Herrara will be providing a “River Rescue Refresher” course during the Whitewater Symposium. Abe is an accomplished Rescue 3 International Trainer and Wet Planet Whitewater Employee and has been leading rescue courses in the US as well as Ecuador over the past few years.

This refresher course will cover the following:
* The rescue PFD
* Pins
* Foot entrapment
* Pre-planning, assessment and support for river rescue
* Rope work
* Knots
* Class V scouting or portaging
* and more . . .

Safe and REAL scenarios will be provided and practiced on to get a better idea of river mishaps and how to wrap your head around them.

We are excited to have Abe on board for the symposium. His enthusiasm for river rescue will fascinate you all.

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