Welcome Dan Gavere to the Presenters list for 2012

One of the top SUP boarders in the world, Dan Gavere, presenting at the 2012 Whitewater Symposium.

Dan Gavere
Whatever sport Dan decides to take up he excels and surpasses most, if not all, and has fun doing it.

Dan started kayaking when he was 7 years old. He had no idea that he would become the first to ever make kayaking an actual ‘career’. After breaking his back and getting sick of waiting in lines to get freestyle kayak time, Dan turned to kiteboarding. After getting bored with kiteboarding and having to wait for the wind to blow, Dan found his new passion ~ Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Since starting to SUP, Dan has never looked back . . . it has been over 6 years.

Dan soul surfing

These days Dan is kayaking a little more and feels stronger than he has ever felt, giving credit to Stand Up Paddle boarding. He has found this sport to be a total body workout and has helped improve the other activities and sports he participates in.

Dan is excited to be on the leading edge of yet another sport and has found a new excitement, once again, returning to the rivers to follow “the Path of the Paddle” to his next adventure.

“SUP will be bigger than kayaking and surfing someday”, quotes Gavere. “Sit back and watch it explode or Stand UP, grab a paddle and get on-board because this shit is fun!” ~ Dan Gavere

We are excited to have him on our presentation schedule and play a role in the growth of paddlesports.

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