New Whitewater Symposium ROTATIONAL Breakout format!

For those who have not yet signed up for the Whitewater Symposium, time is running out!  This year we have added yet another cool twist to the presentation format… Rotation.  After each keynote, we will have 4- 45 minute sessions.  The group will be split in 2 equal groups and each group attends one of two discussions for that session.  When 45 minutes is up, we all switch.  NO ONE MISSES A SESSION!  Check out the subject matters broached.  You will see that we have kept it lean and mean, touching on all the core conversation topics!

October 12

Symposium Registration & Day 1 Program

9:00 – 11:30am – Registration/Fishing Derby Launch (3-day derby)
*** Note:  The derby will run all three days, pick up a fishing boat, a rod and the biggest fish wins… amongst other prizes.

Dry Land Sessions

(Optional Sessions for early arrivals)
10:00 – 12:00 – The 2013 World Freestyle Championships @ NOC – A conversation on getting involved!
(optional for those who arrive early)
Sutton Bacon and his NOC staff welcome any and all who wish to hear of the plans for bringing the world of freestyle to NOC in 2013 for the ICF World Freestyle Championships.  Learn about the preparations for this big even and find out how you too can be involved.

10:00 – 12:00 – GoPro Symposium Film Team – Join Jaymo and help make a mini-documentary of this year’s symposium!
The best way to learn modern content marketing technique is to do it hands on with one of the best!  Join Chris “Jaymo” Jamison in this meeting and get hands on experience in producing, directing, capturing and editing a cool featurette on this year’s Whitewater Symposium.  This will be a first planning meeting.

11:30 – 1:00 – Opening Keynote Luncheon/Panel – “Whitewater Directions”
You’ll want to be in the room with this all-star panel and their insider perspectives on the current state of whitewater, as well as possibilities for the future. Panelists include International Canoe Federation Committee Chair Lluis Rabaneda, USA Canoe Kayak CEO Joe Jacobi, Nantahala Outdoor Center’s Sutton Bacon and other surprise guests.

1:30 – 3:00 – Morning Breakout Sessions

Session 1 – How Governing Bodies Work to Grow our Sport – Lluis Rabenada, Joe Jacobi
The ICF, USACK and other bodies continually work to bring more and more attention to our sport by creating structure, diverse activity, events and more.  This session will lead a discussion on how these organizations continue to work towards these goals.  It will also be a conversation on how your organization can work alongside these organizations.

Session 2 – Impact of Events – Bob Campbell, NOC , Colin Kemp and special guests
Events continue to be any sport’s most important gateway.  They provide the marketing our sport needs to grow and encourage community activity that keeps the spark of our enthusiasm lit.  This session will open up conversations about the importance of these events, lead to collaboration in event management and deal with some of the core issues with hosting an event.

3:30 – 5:00 -Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Session 3 –Youth Programming – Joe Kowalski
This afternoon conversation will be hosted by two of our sport’s greatest innovators in youth and outreach programming,  Joe Kowalski and Jessie Stone.  Both have a unique story to tell and the discussions that follow will blend into youth engagement, development and special populations and how they effect our sport.  Joe Kowalski initiated the Keener Program at the Ottawa Kayak School/Wilderness Tours on the Ottawa River 25+ years ago… with that began one of the most exciting programs for youth development in our sport today.  The Keener program has created superstars from superstars and continues to produce more of today’s top youth paddlers than any other program.  Lets talk about youth development programming!  For years Jesse Stone has been leading the way in bringing Whitewater to kids and using her passion for the sport and children together to great cause.  From the jungles of Uganda to the streets of the US, Jesse has an amazing story to tell and a valuable program for you to look at.

Session 2 –Organizational Initiatives – ACA, AW, World Kayak
Organizations like American Whitewater, World Kayak and the American Canoe Association have long been at the forefront of local river advocacy, education, events/ community initiative, as well as leaders in helping us keep our paddling populations growing, safe, and skilled, along with our waters flowing and clean. Learn about a variety of organizational initiatives, in an overview of recent efforts, and consider how you can be involved in thinking progressively for the future and moving things forward.

6:30 pm to 10 pm – Happy Hour & Catfish Fry

October 13

6:00 – 7:00 a.m. – Morning Wake Up
Join our top athletes as they shake off the morning cob webs, stretch it out and get juiced for our second day at Symposium!

7:30 to 9:00 am – Breakfast and Keynote Address – “Brandon Holmes – Branding, the Future
This out-of-the-box look at branding is a MUST SEE presentation aimed at getting us into Day 2 with an eye on content marketing… marketing our sport, marketing our goods and marketing our services via visual and textual assets.

9:30am to 11:00am – Morning Break Out Sessions 1

Session 1 – Content Marketing Fiesta – GoPro’s Jaymo, Brendan Holmes, WK’s James McBeath and special guests
With the onset of the web’s capacity to deliver more and more visual content alongside text content, it is becoming key for all of us to adopt practice of driving good content to our audiences.  This panel and conversation will touch on all the latest trends, tricks and success stories in content marketing.

Session 2 – Adding to the Quiver – SUP , Kayak Fishing– Ken “Hobie” Hovie, Drew Gregory
Adding value to your paddle sports service or retail clients will always be a forefront conversation.  In this session we look at two of the largest growing paddlesport’s sectors and discuss how we all benefit from these exciting new verticals.  Join Hobie for his unique spin and enthusiastic initiation to Stand Up Paddleboarding… Hobie will be bring all sorts of goodies, info and tips for you to both learn from for your own SUP skills development and gather hints as to how you too can bring this growth sport to your clients.  Drew Gregory will also be there showing you how kayak fishing has become the latest buying craze.

11:00am to 12:30pm – Breakout Sessions #2

Session 1 – Designers
In 2010 the Designer’s panel was fun!  This year we will be bringing in a wider group of leading designers to talk about the current trends and trends to come in paddlesports manufacturing design.  New plastics, new clothes, new gear … let them know what you want to see!

Session 2 – Press, PR, Social Networking and web… The Works! – Jeroen of Playak, Lee Hart of BrandAmp and special guests
The world of communications is becoming a complex jungle of best practice.  There is soo much you can do, soooo much you have to do and so many ways to do it… but what are the most effective ways? What are the right ways?  This conversation will prove to be the most fun as it takes all we have talked about and puts it into a Marketing and Communications perspective.

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