WW Symposium: Focusing on WHO WE ARE as attendees!

The last few renditions of the Whitewater Symposium have always included a continual review of the ups and downs of how things went.  We collected stats, listened to feedback and had many conversations about format, content and much more.  What has begun to eek out of these simple exercises is a caricature of the typical WWS  attendee and their habits.

A) We like to gab.  Conversation, especially in larger groups like after last year’s panel discussions, has always been those great Kumbaya moments we all take away from WWS.  Too many mini presentations tends to dilute our conversations, leave presenters with no audience and can get frustrating.

B) We like to play!  By mid day 1 of any Symposium, most of us are glancing out at the river next to our WWS venue.  By Day 2 half are on the river all day … and,  by day 3 you had to pity those presenters as everyone was on the water!

C) On top of the water play, we LOVE our Apres Paddle time… beers, good food and music… not necessarily in that order.

It’s who we are ;-)

So… to accommodate this core caricature we have drawn of ourselves we have adopted a format for this year’s symposium that is quite a bit different and focused on who we are.  We will be doing morning sessions only for the most part.  These sessions will include a panel or keynote with all of us in the room, then break outs leading out directly from these primary presentations… keeping everyone buzzing together on the subject-du-jour.  Our subjects are aimed at stuff we all tended to return to as subjects… but with some new, out-of-the box attendees and twists!  We have the cool cats of Go Pro here, some leading marketing experts, the folks at the front line bringing our sport’s Olympic presences to new levels and much more! No one is gonna be left in an empty room, and each session will be that great WWS conversation we all love!

After lunch, we hit the water.  Our water sessions will feature the top paddlers in the world… and their new toys!  Freestyle, Creeking, Slalom, Recreational, Stand up, kayak fishing and more!  Our fishing derby will allow everyone a chance at glory, our WK Hometown Throwdown and Slalom Survivor will get the old competitive cobwebs out, our Stand Up sessions will have you workin’ it all out and the World’s best kayakers will be on hand with clinics!   ACA will be there to recert as well.  There will be lake, class 1 to 4 fun, friendly competition and more!

After river… well now… this is where we have gone BIG!  Each night is lit up by live entertainment, amazing Tennessee fare and beverages for all!  Add the amazing settings of a rolling TN Ranch and our other venues for fun… you really can’t miss this!

Please join us for the 2011 Whitewater Symposium!  You will NOT want to miss this one!

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