Empowering Your Employees

CoachingIntroducing Danny Mongno

Werner Paddles is more than a career to Danny Mongno; it offers a lifestyle and a family. Traveling in his house on wheels and paddling most every day has allowed him to add a constant flow of new thinking to over 20 years of experience. Coaching from event to event it is helping paddlers develop a love for the sport that keeps him coming back year in and year out. Danny is 37 years old and resides in the mountains of Asheville NC. Keep an eye out for him in your town on the running trail, white water take out, lake, local surf spot or any where else the paddlers gather. Bar stools not excluded.

Description of Seminar.

Title- Staff Training-Empower your Employees

In today’s market your customer is more interested in investing in products they see value in. However to provide true value your staff needs better product knowledge and expertise in their field. Join Werner Paddles, Danny Mongno as he shows you key elements in getting your staff educated and ready to provide a better shop experience, close more sales and gain in edge in today’s competitive enviornment.

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