Commitments made at Symposium 2007

Submitted by kentford

This is a compilation of the action steps compiled after the 2007 symposium…”What 3 things will you be doing to support the health of whitewater sport?”

1. Mainstream/basic river rescue & Increase memberships in AW & ACA within my student contacts.

2. 1)Turning more people into paddlers 2)Recycling gear thru some sort of swap and 3)River cleanliness

3.I teach, support community events, create media.

4. Spread word by word of mouth.

5. I will continue to influence people in river conservation etc.

6. Team River Runner, PR.

7. 1)advertise WW Symp. On my website 2)Sing praises to ACA to continue as sponsor 3)Encourage more ACA ITEs and ITs & instructors the benefits of attendance 4)Encourage college/universities outdoor programs.

8. Stress more importance of instruction to local clubs. Market my instruction program more effectively.

9. Continuing to develop the water safety program, which is really more an “awareness” than a “rescue” program. It was a surprise to me that some folks thought Denali Water Safety was all about rescue. This was good information and will help me refine the program in the future. Start working with other programs that already integrate service learning in their programs – like David Hughe’s program and eNRG Kayaking’s program. Introduce paddling to the international service learning world at the National Service Learning conference in Minneapolis in April 2008. Work with SafeKids to introduce paddling nationwide, especially to younger kids. Help bring to Alaska….

10. 1) promoting education about the evolution of whitewater courses, 2) providing leadership for the multiple-site expansion of Team River Runner, and 3) providing leadership as the new Chair of the (new) US Freestyle Committee of USA Canoe & Kayak.

11. Continuing to generate instructors and continuing to teach and promote, attending meetings, giving talks, like I already do.

12. Teaching beginners, training new instructors and supporting local conservation efforts.

13. symposium really got me thinking about how to develop a kids tour to get either new kids in boats or offer a weekend freestyle kayak demo tour for teens. I will continue to write articles about kayak travel and tips. And attempt to produce positive ambassadors through teen leadership programs that the New River Academy and Huge Experiences leads.

14. funding and helping to lead World Kayak, bringing fun, family oriented products and marketing to whitewater, providing a team of ambassadors and athletes that are well trained, incredibly helpful, super active, visible, and great role models to the market on a year round basis (Team JK, and World Kayak ambassadors.

15. Sharing my enthusiasm and training beginners through intermediates.

16. Becoming a better instructor for women and encouraging women participants a best I can, volunteering with Team River Runner, Getting involved in river cleanups with AW.

17. Continued Volunteer work. Membership building efforts at the Club and Provincial levels. I will create and promote at least one event geared at creating paddlers each summer season.

18. blog articles, work or mouth,, possible sponsorship dollars.

19. to support the health of whitewater sport? I will be creating a few new events in the PDX area that emphasis fun, accessibility and community, I will be an ambassador for, I will introduce as many people to the sport as possible and do so well. I will be emphasizing fun, family, friendship, safety, and accessibility in my marketing efforts.

20. Teaching, running river trips, clinics.

21. to support the health of whitewater sport? ___Newsletter for the Symposium, shorter clinics to accommodate time-crunched people, helping organize the next Symposium.

22. to support the health of whitewater sport?

– Its going to be a busy year coming up as pretty much every subject, issue and concern is being addressed in what I am doing full time… Its almost my job to take the DO from what we have all discussed…

23. Designing new kayaks, making fine wood paddles, and teaching my daughter to take care of herself.

24. Teaching, volunteering with river cleanup, racing!

25. Covering a broader area in my “Paddle and Pamper” (women’s) clinics. Start a community “fun” competition. Continue being the best WorldKayak ambassador I can.

26. I will continue teaching. I will expand my horizons and learn new techniques for teaching kayaking. I will continue to be an ambassador for the sport that we know and love.

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