What is the Essence of Whitewater?

 by: Kent Ford

The playground of a river offers opportunity for everyone!

Your eye might be caught by our amazing extreme paddlers plunging waterfalls and doing acrobatic moves. At first glance you may think only of the risk, but like most paddlers, these are strategic thinkers carefully making deliberate decisions in a dynamic arena. Their fluid athleticism is a part of every level of this recreation.

But paddlesport offers so much more.

A river offers amazing access to stunning places and scenery, and the allure of what lies around the bend is present on gentle moving water, as well as when waterfalls lurk. You get to play with the water, teasing out its power and surfing its opportunity. It is crazy fun, whether the wave is 6 inches tall or 16 feet.

With a careful progression, with ample time on flats and easy moving water, whitewater paddling is fun to learn. But don’t get sucked in beyond your interest. For many leaders in the field, class II and III whitewater is plenty of challenge, with easily minimized risk.

Our enthusiasm for our specialty has been known to divert people into a tougher aspect of the sport. Please consider our enthusiasm as passion. We love this sport we want everyone to have that enjoyment. But understand that we have many specialties…

We’ve got lots of possibilities, from wilderness float, to park and play, to slalom, freestyle competition, and downriver. The variety of boating leads to an amazing variety of boats to choose from. We strive to welcome all craft to the water, whether the extreme playboat for stunts, the Creekboat for huge waterfalls, Inflatable kayak for easy access, and canoes for the traditional enjoyment. Don’t let us diss your chosen craft and type of paddling. Share with us your goals for the day!

Relax, fitness, adrenaline rush, downtime, feel the flow, get wet, Find friends, see beautiful places that you can’t reach any other way…

In every specialty of whitewater, the passion of the community is the common denominator. The river creates a tremendous bond, and a community that in unsurpassed in most cities across the country. We strive to share our passion for ANY type of whitewater paddling.

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