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West Fork Tuckasegee at 3.0′ = $$$

Thank you Duke Energy for the extra 6″ of flow on WFT on 7/2/16!  It made the run a lot better!!  Good times, good times!!! I got my PFD of the West Fork Tuck back in July 2013. The level was 2.4′ that day.  I thought the run could use more water to be really [...]

Joy in Leading Cheoah PFDs

Ryan Horn, Marty Vaughn and I had the pleasure to lead Eric Mckeehan & Jerry Stevenson down their personal first descent of the Cheoah River this past Saturday.  We may have had more fun than the legal limit boofing and shredding some great whitewater!  Then we topped off the day with some great food at Tapoco Lodge!!  [...]

NoliFest 2016

The 2nd annual NoliFest was organized and hosted by USA RAFT this year on April 1-3.  The festival was billed “For all who paddle” and the event was true to its roots.  There was something for every paddler to enjoy.  Plus we were blessed with rain the day before the festival started and it bumped up the [...]

APEs Whitewater Long Boat Racing Clinic with Chris Hipgrave = Incredible Success!

Photo by: USA Raft What happens when Team Nantahala Outdoor Center, Team Dagger and Team Jackson Kayak combine forces to instruct a clinic together?  110% pure golden good times and this is exactly what happened on February 20, 2016 in the Nolichucky Gorge, NC/TN! Chris Hipgrave initially envisioned this long boat racing clinic with me [...]

Kentucky Life’s The Lord of the Fork Video

Here is a great video on one of my favorite kayak events of the year, the Russell Fork “Lord of the fork” Race! They filmed some of this footage during the 2015 race and I got a carnage cameo @ 3:41 in it from my flip over at the bottom of El Horrendo.

Exploring the Forks of the French Broad

Brian Vermillion and I have had a lot of fun over near Brevard, NC the past couple of weekends with nice mild weather for January!  We both got our PFD’s on WFFB this past Saturday (1/16/16) at -3″ on the put-in bridge gauge.  The level was on the low side of runnable, but we had a great [...]

Toxaway Put-in Slide PFD

I started out my 2016 New Year of kayaking down the Toxaway put-in slide on Saturday!  It was an absolutely incredible feeling sliding into one of the most monstrous single features I’ve ever paddled down. Then we headed to North Fork French Broad for two fun laps at 4″.  An awesome time with Brian Vermillion [...]

Linville Gorge PFD

Photo by Nikki Malatin Linville Gorge has been a huge paddling goal of mine for many years.  When I first started paddling over 15 years ago I had dreams to be able to complete this run one day…  That day finally came this past November and all the pieces of the puzzle came together for a [...]

After Work Watauga Longboat Fun!

There is no better way to end a Monday than firing down Watauga Gorge at 490 CFS (11″ on bridge gauge) on an after work run with sunny 70 degree skies! Take a ride down the best class IV run on the planet with Jamison Evans and I in our Jackson Kayak Karma Unlimited long [...]

Watch World’s Live!

The new 2016 JK ROCKSTAR is dominating on the Garb Wave! Watch all the live coverage at http://www.worldfreestylekayakchampionships.com/event/watch-live/