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SGS Start Clock is Counting Down…

The Southeast Gradient Showdown officially starts at 7:00AM on Saturday, Feb 21, 2009.  Your time to sign-up your team to participate is coming to an end!  The dead line to sign up your team is defined by Rule #12.  Don’t hesitate to sign-up if you don’t think you can commit to four full days of [...]

Southeast Gradient Showdown History (formerly known as TVF)

I have had a few people contact me about this event concerning the “change” from TVF; So I thought I would expound a little on how this all came to be…   Late last September 2008 at the NOC during GAF, the announcement was made that World Kayak and I were going to be reformatting the TVF [...]

2009 SKB Team Update

I just finished updating our Team Web Site for the new Southeast Gradient Showdown (SGS) Creek Competition. Check it out: http://worldkayakblogs.com/sexykayakingbeasts/ Keep it sexy and form your own team to join in on the fun!