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West Fork Tuckasegee at 3.0′ = $$$

Thank you Duke Energy for the extra 6″ of flow on WFT on 7/2/16!  It made the run a lot better!!  Good times, good times!!!

I got my PFD of the West Fork Tuck back in July 2013. The level was 2.4′ that day.  I thought the run could use more water to be really good.  I’ve ran it at least 4 more times since then from 2013-2015 in the 2.4′-2.6′ range and every time I get off the run I would think to myself this run would be really good at 3.0′.

Well I got my wish this past Saturday when Duke opened the gates a little more to give us a perfect 3.0′ level on the take-out bridge gauge.  The second part of the Mini Gorge was stout for sure with much sticker holes, but it padded out the rest of the run to make a really good run!  It really made for good padded lines on both sides of Flight Simulator!!

I had some good times leading Eric Mckeehan, Jerry Stevenson, Marty Vaughn & Ryan Horn on their PFD’s of the run and thanks to Jeff Vannoy, Bill Finger and & Nathan Vannoy for the support for the first timers. Thanks also to Kirk Eddlemon for helping our first timers get lined up good at Flight Simulator. That saved us a difficult scout.

Check out Eric’s Video of our trip:


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