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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Upper East, CO Video

Check out Brian Vermillion‘s video of our run on Upper East in Crested Butte, CO.  This 1 mile stretch of river was stacked with some several fun slides.  You know its going to be a good time when you get to run a rapid called “Midget Wrestler” (0:42-0:57 in video).  Good times, good times!     

Summer After Work Run Winning!

On Tuesday Josh Register, Matt Dalton and I caught Laurel Fork in the evening at a good medium level. We put on between 12-13″ @ 6:15 PM and took off between 9-10″ 8:00 PM. Kind of a chunky hole level in the main gorge, but by the time we made the portage around the falls [...]

JK Sweet Cheeks Are Cat Approved!

JK Sweet Cheeks have been around for several years now in many of Jackson Kayaks.  Currently Sweet Cheeks come in two different sizes to help you to adjust your seat height elevation in your boats: 100 – http://store.jacksonkayak.com/sweet-cheeks-100-silver/ 200 – http://store.jacksonkayak.com/sweet-cheeks-200-silver/ I have loved this accessory in many of my JK boats over the years!  [...]

New 2016 JK ROCKSTARs Join JAW Fleet!

All three sizes of the new 2016 Jackson Kayak ROCKSTAR have join the JAW fleet: 2016 Tie-Dye ROCKSTAR Small – Freestyle  2016 Sunrise ROCKSTAR Medium – Freestyle  2016 Wolverine ROCKSTAR Large – Freestyle    Click on the product logos to get all the specs and details from the JK website. Contact me today to schedule your FREE [...]

Royal Gorge of the Ark, CO Video

Check out Brian Vermillion‘s video of our welcome to CO run for our trip!  Royal Gorge was huge off the hook fun at the 5,300 cfs level we caught!  We met up with a great group of local boaters to check out this high water run and good times were had for sure!!  

Daisy Creek, CO Video‏

Check out Brian Vermillion‘s video with the link below of our first lap on Daisy Creek with Tommy Clapp. This 1 mile creek was stacked with some super fun slides and Big Wood Falls was the climax of the run for us. We took out before Rip Your Head Off Falls due to the lower [...]