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Monthly Archives: January 2015

2015 Jackson Kayak Zen Walk Through Video

Check out this video of EJ telling us about JK’s newest river runner:

Tennessee State Name Meaning

Here’s a interesting fact I ran into today about my home state: Ever Wonder What Your State’s Name Means?  Two cartographers have dived into the original and etymological meaning of the states and their cities. Here is the original meanings for my home state: Tennessee – Land Of The River No wonder I love my home!

Wesley’s 2014 Rain Gauge Report

The link below is to a spread sheet for my rain gauge I have installed at my house.  It’s a really nice gauge and it measures precipitation to the nearest 1/100th of an inch.  2014 seemed to be an average year for precipitation.  Click the link below to view the spread sheet. http://worldkayakblogs.com/wildwildwes/files/2015/01/2014-Rain-Gauge-Report.pdf