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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Search For My Excalibur

When I got home last night my sweet wife had a package unpacked and ready for viewing on our bed…  It was my new custom designed handcrafted paddled I ordered from Mitchell (http://www.mitchellpaddles.com/) back in Sept.  It has shown up just in time to race with this weekend at the Russell Fork “Lord of the [...]

Watauga Gorge in the Fall!

Most everyone who knows me in the paddling world knows I LOVE this river the most!!! Brian Vermillion and I have been hard at race training all this month preparing for the Lord of the Fork Race coming up on Oct 25th.  Late Friday night we decided we were going to head to Watauga Gorge for [...]

The New 2015 4 Fun Brings More Fun to GAF!

NOC’s Guest Appreciation Festival has been a staple event for me for many years! I met EJ back in 2004 at GAF and that is when I picked up my first Jackson Kayak, the classic Super Fun! The classic Super Fun was the most comfortable boat I had ever sat in at the time and [...]

Lord of the Fork Race Long Boat Training

I met up with Brian Vermillion on Saturday to show him some lines on the gorge and start some long boat race training for the upcoming race at the end of the month.  It was a great day on the river with Jen, Rebekah Morrow and Donna Kestner on the Upper and then we joined Kevin Mather [...]