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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Great Gauley Pilgrimage – Travel Tips & Traditions!

As I was packing last night to head to my 11th Gauley Fest this weekend I had quite a nostalgic moment looking back at all the T-shirts I had accumulated from over the years of the event.  I also thought about all the many things I’ve learned along the way while making the pilgrimage to [...]

Feeling Unlimited – A Long Term & Comparison Review of Long Boats

Unlimited Power!!  Sorry that’s the first thing that goes through my head every time I think of JK’s new river racing long boat, the Karma Unlimited (UL).  However you do feel pretty unlimited when you stomp a good boof in it! Photo by Jamison Evans @ Tanner’s Boof   Over the past three years I [...]

Jackson Kayak 2015 Fun Walkthrough Video

EJ tells us all about the new 2015 Jackson Kayak Fun and some outfitting improvements for all 2015 whitewater kayaks!