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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Watauga Race & Downriver Freestyle Triple Crown Postponed

The Watauga Gorge Race and Downriver Freestyle Triple Crown will be postponed until the next weekend when the level is over 250. Eric will post on Boater Talk the week of to let everyone know when we will be doing it that weekend. See Eric’s previous post for info on the event format: http://boatertalk.com/forum/BoaterTalk/1052425380

There is a Throwdown somewhere near your town!

Jeff Gordon Takes Car Salesman for a Spin!

This has nothing to do with paddling, but I found it most entertaining!!  Its race week here in the Tri-Cites at Bristol Motor Speedway and since Jeff Gordon is in town I thought I would share this hilarious video that was released this week!

Kokatat Icon Drysuit Model Show

Jen and I received our new Kokatat drysuits yesterday and I was so excited that I had to put on a runway show on our front porch! I got the new Gore-Tex Icon Drysuit and Jen got the Gore-Tex Meridian drysuit. I guarantee I will brighten up any river trip I join this spring!! Look [...]

What Jackson Kayak would you like to demo in 2013?

I am now taking suggestions for what JK boats or SUP’s you would like stocked in the 2013 J.A.W. Fleet.  Take a look at all the current products we are offering this year with the link below and let me know your thoughts by 3/15/2013:   http://jacksonkayak.com/jk-kayaks/   I need to make room for the [...]

Confessions of a Show Boating Crash

  Carving into the eddy below the 1st Meanie with my dented bow by Jennifer Bradley   I’m sure everyone will hear about this soon enough from Jeremy, but I feel I must confess the crash I had at the Sinks on Saturday. So here’s how the story goes down…   Todd Emma, Jen, Jeremy [...]

Jackson Kayak Karma Walkthru

EJ gives a great detailed description of the new Jackson Kayak Karma features in this video!  I have all 3 sizes of the Karma in the J.A.W. fleet available for FREE demo!  Give me a shout if you want to give one a try…

Garage Kayak Storage DIY Video

Here is a great little instructional video by Brian Vermillion on a handy storgage solution for your kayak.  I did a similar thing with my Yakima Cargo box w/ a $25 pulley kit I got from Lowe’s to hang bikes from the ceiling. This is a very handy storage solution that does not take up floor space [...]

Watauga Gorge Race and Triple Crown

The Race is set for Saturday, March 30, 2013!  News from Eric Chance on Boatertalk: Dust off those long boats, it time to start training for the Watauga Race. The race will be on Saturday March 30th as long as the river is above 250 CFS. I will post the week of if we are going [...]