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New 2013 Jackson Kayaks & SUPs!!!


JK has raised the bar again for the 2013 year with 8 new models of paddle sports product that will be coming out soon!  2 new whitewater kayak models (2013 Star Series & Karma series), 2 new fishing kayak models (Kilroy & Cuda 12), 1 recreational kayak model (Cruise) and completely new market for JK with 3 new Stand Up Paddle-boards (SUPerCHARGER, SUPerFISHal, SUPerNATURAL)!!

I, of course, am the most excited about the new whitewater boats!  The new 2013 Star series, due out at the end of August 2012, will come in 3 sizes: Star (small), All Star (medium), & Super Star (large).  I am really pumped for the new 2013 Super Star for myself, because the specs look like it will be right in the middle of the Rock Star L and the 2010 Mon-Star.  The Rock Star L is a tight fit for my long legs, which forces me to set the seat all the way back and that causes the boat to be trimmed stern heavy.  I’m in the low end of the weight range for the Mon-Star, so throwing down tricks can be tough at times.  The Mon-Star is very roomy for me, but to help my reach over of the boat I had to install a Sweet Cheeks 200 to set me up higher in the boat.  This new size 2013 Super Star should be perfect for me @ 225lbs and 36″ inseam!  I can’t wait to try one out!!

I am also very intrigued about our new creek boat, the Karma, coming out in October 2012!  This boat is currently planned in two sizes: Karma M & Karma L.  I hope JK will consider manufacturing a Karma S in the near future too for the smaller paddlers…  My wife would love this style creek boat and it looks like the specs on the Karma M will swallow her!  This new creek boat design is completely different from any other JK Creek boat ever built!  The Karma design is inspired from the very successful river running Zen.  The hull is a full on high performance planning hull.  The deck is also similar to the Zen, but peaked on the center line to help shed water from the deck.  The rocker shape has been increased from the Zen to help the boat ride high through any whitewater feature and allow easier boofing.  The Karma L specs look to be larger than the Villain, so I am guessing this boat is going to be lighting fast!!

I have the J.A.W. order into JK for all sizes of the new 2013 Stars and Karmas.  Stay tuned here to see when they will be avialable in the J.A.W. for FREE Demo!!

I am also excited about the new JK SUP lineup designed by Tony Lee & Hobie!  The SUPerCHARGER looks sexy and the SUPerFISHal & SUPerNATURAL look like a lot of fun waiting to be had on the water!  I will probably order one or two of these models for the 2013 J.A.W. fleet that will be introduced next spring…

The fishing line of JK has basically been upgraded to new heights giving folks what they’ve been looking for and more.  The Coosa is going to be upgraded with RAM mount ready points, GoPro hotspots and a few changes like higher rod staggers and a front hatch that opens easier.  JK is also adding a long awaited 12 foot Cuda to the list of toys to bring the speed of the Cuda to a shorter more versatile boat!  Note that the HUGE innovation this year is JK’s pre-drilled RAM mount spots on all JK fishing boats!  No more need to drill holes in your kayak boyz and girlz! And finally, the Kilroy, JK’s new sit inside fishing machine.  Damon Bungard and a bunch of other genius’ came up with a fully decked out addition to the JK fleet.  Inside rod holders, hard decking, webbing for storage all over the place, awesome kayak.

The Rec line is also introducing the new Cruise 12.  This boat is a full family craft.  Cruiser for mom, fun and easy to maneuver for kids and accessory ready for dad’s fishing.

Check out all the current info and specs for all these new JK products @: http://jacksonkayak.com/newin2013/

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