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Monthly Archives: March 2012

2012 Hometown Throwdown Southeast Championship

At the heart of paddle sports, there are paddlers who are passionate about the water sport they love.  Amongst the broad spectrum of paddle sports, quite possibly the most passionate about growing and advancing their sport would be whitewater kayakers. World Kayak is made up of such a group of passionate paddlers who volunteer their time [...]

Kayaking Motivational Poster

This poster pretty much sums up one of the main reasons why I love kayaking!

More Fun & Events in Store for 2012 Throwdown Season!

Welcome to the 6th annual World Kayak Hometown Throwdown series.  With grassroots support and community stoke we have grown from a small 32 event series into a 150 plus event series that is hands down the biggest event series in kayaking history.  Thank you for the support!  We are excited to announce a new addition [...]

JKTV – Episode 3

This Month’s issue of Jackson Kayak TV explores Eternity Hole for some freestyle kayak action, then to the coast of Veracruz for some sea kayaking surf instruction, Indiana James in trouble again, then off to Australia with 5 musts when paddling at a whitewater park and full featurette on Jason Craig.

Fun Runnin’ on the Noli and Watauga Gorges!

“The JK Fun Runner is an intriguing sporty boat design!” was my first thought when I saw the news about this new river runner from Jackson Kayak.  Little did I know at the time how much I would grow to love this new boat!  I picked up both sizes (60 & 70) of the boat [...]