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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Check Out The New Jackson Kayak On-Line Store!

JK has completely redesigned there on-line store to make shopping for Jackson Kayak accesories, clothing, DVD’s, etc… super easy!  Check it out:  http://store.jacksonkayak.com/

TEHCC Gear Swap & J.A.W. Boat Show 3-26-11.

The J.A.W. had a great boat show this past Saturday at the TEHCC Gear Swap. We had lots of folks show up and pumped about the new boats! Lots of attention on the new Coosa especially! Our local paddling club (APE’s) also set up a booth to spread the word about our club and sold [...]

J.A.W. Will Be M.I.A. From Pool Session

The J.A.W. will be missing in action from the Freedom Hall Pool Session next week (4/5/2011).  Jennifer, my wife, is having orthopedic surgery on her elbow to fix her fracture and torn tricep from a dog attack on her road bicycle.  Your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery are appreciated

2011 NOC Shootout Promo Video!

ONLY 3 WEEKS AWAY FROM THE GREATEST SHOW OF THE YEAR ON THE NANTY!!!  Make plans to join us for the weekend ! Check out this great video about the event by AlmostProVideos!

River Gypsies 2 Day Advanced Creeking Clinic – Watauga River, NC/TN

“Proper Creek Boating technique can make the difference between flopping down the river and styling your lines. In these two day clinics we’ll begin with detailed instruction on proper line selection and visualization. We’ll then go over the stroke placement, upper body positioning, torso rotation, and hip action that will make your chosen line a [...]

Next Stop for the 2011 J.A.W. Tour – 2011 Gear Swap by TEHCC‏

A Gear Swap sponsored by TEHCC will be happening in Kingsport, TN this Saturday (3/26/11) from 8AM-12PM.  Our local paddling club, APE’s - coordinated by Jerry Griffin, has a booth space already RSVP for the event.  I also have a booth space RSVP to expo the new Jackson Kayaks in the J.A.W. fleet and to tell see if [...]

2011 J.A.W. Tour Kick-off Event was Big Booming Fun!

The J.A.W. rolled into action last night to the Freedom Hall Pool Session for the first event of the year!  Lots of folks showed up to try out the new Jackson Kayak boats and smiles were all around   Good times, good times!  Check out all the photos from the event @ http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=302746&id=552848204&l=c0c7f2e5a0

The 2011 J.A.W. Tour Rolls into Action Tomorrow!

That’s right folks… the Jackson Action Wagon is ready to spread some more Jackson Kayak fun with new designs for 2011!  I am heading to the JK factory tomorrow (3-18-11) to pick up 12 brand new boats that will be available for free demo through out the 2011 spring and summer paddling season!  The first stop [...]

New Rockstar Promo Video!

THE J.A.W. WILL HAVE ALL 3 SIZES IN STOCK FOR FREE DEMO STARTING THIS FRIDAY (3-18-11)! Live from Uganda, team Jackson has released a new Rockstar promotional video for all to see… check it out: