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Monthly Archives: January 2011

What new 2011 Jackson Kayak would you like to demo?

The Jackson Action Wagon (JAW) is currently taking suggestions for new boats in the fleet this year.  There are a lot of new boats out by JK this year and the JAW would like know what you would like to try out.  The JAW already has an order into JK for some boats and you [...]

2011 Whitewater Grand Prix

This looks like it could be the epic event of the year! Stay tuned to the official event website for more info as the event approaches: http://www.whitewatergrandprix.com/

2010 Nolichucky HTTD Event #4 Coverage

This report is way overdue, because I lost it in the shuffle of other event planning last year.  Sorry, but better late than never… Check out the link below to see all the photos, results & report of all the fun that was had at our final event: http://worldkayakblogs.com/throwdown/2011/01/24/2010-nolichucky-hometown-throwdown-event-4/ Stay tuned to the Tri-Cities World Kayak [...]

The Chronicles of Gnarnia-Top 5 Crashes of 2010 Green Race

From Pilot Collective Media: The Chronicles of Gnarnia is here to save the day. Are you tired of how hardcore all of these webcast and paddling porn videos have become? Are you sick of superhero pirate music blaring every time someone drops over a waterfall? Not to mention all of that rap music. Every interview [...]

2011 Jackson Kayak Hero Promo Video

The new Hero and Super Hero are coming out of the oven and on the way to dealers: http://jacksonkayak.com/blog/2011/01/19/hero-and-super-hero-molds-are-in-house-and-on-the-oven-today/ I will have both sizes in the JAW Fleet for free demo ASAP!

It Takes Two To Tandem – AW Journal Love Story

By Jennifer Bradley (My awesome wife!) A few months ago while I was surfing the American Whitewater website, I stumbled upon a post asking for story submissions about ’Love and Whitewater”.  The light instantly went off in my head that Jen and I should do something for this issue, since we had a unique wedding story.  I told Jennifer about [...]

Little River Elbow Run Video

Before all the rivers in the Smokies went huge on our New Year’s Day paddle trip in the Smokies, I had the pleasure to get to lead brother-in-law down his first descent of the Little River – Sinks to Elbow run.  It was at a nice medium/low flow of +/-2.7′ and Jeff had a great [...]

Anton Immler’s World Record Waterfall Descent!

News from Tribe Rider, “This is what I wrote in preparation for this news release on the website… it still applies. Anton is a guy that can never really surprise us. He has done so many incredibly unique, amazing and ridiculous feats that we are always excited to hear what he’s been up to, but [...]

Elkmont to Sinks Video on New Year’s Day 2011

This is a great video report by Scott Sidener of our New Year’s Day high water paddle on the Elkmont section of the Little River in the GSMNP. It was awesome day as you can see and the first time I got to try out the Villain in a big water run!  I was very [...]

My New JK Regional Team Profile

I was excited to see that my new Jackson Kayak Regional Team profile page went live today!  Check it out with some of my all time favorite kayaking photos @: http://jacksonkayak.com/team-jk/regional-team/wesley-bradley/