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Gauley Fest Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

for $3,500+ in prizes!

Gauley Fest Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

Great news, this year’s American Whitewater Gauley Fest presented by Subaru will feature an awesome AW Members-only game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for over $3,500 of awesome gear (including a new Liquidlogic kayak!). Woody Callaway of Liquidlogic kayaks will be heading up this fun and friendly “competition” that’s open to AW members only. Stop by the Liquidlogic booth at 9:15PM to participate, just make sure your membership is current by then, otherwise you can’t play and win!


How the game will work

A prize will be brought forward, everyone in the crowd will play Woody Callaway of Liquidlogic Kayaks at the same time to win this prize.

  • Must be an AW member to play (no joining afterward, must be done before)
  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beats paper
  • Paper beats rock
  • If you tie or beat Woody you get to stay in the game
  • If you lose you sit out for the rest of the competition for that prize
  • Last person standing against Woody is the winner
  • All participants can compete for all prizes (winning or losing one prize, doesn’t exclude you from others)
  • Children can play in place of parents
  • All conflicts with rules will be determined by Woody Callaway
  • The game is played using the “honor” system and of course peer pressure (it’s rock, paper, scissors – who could live with themselves if they cheat).

Participating Vendors

  • Liquidlogic – 2 boats
  • Werner Paddles – 2 paddles
  • Shred Ready – 2 helmets
  • Astral Buoyancy – 2 PFDs
  • Immersion Research – union suit and skirt
  • LVM – 2 video gift packs
  • Kent Ford – 2 video gift packs
  • Keen Footwear – choice of Keen footwear
  • Smith Optics – Various glasses

Where, When, How

  • Where: Liquidlogic booth
  • When: Saturday, Sept. 20th, 9:15 pm

How can I sign up: Just make sure your AW membership is current before the game starts, and you’re all set.

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