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The J.A.W. Helps BSA Troop 387 Earn Kayaking BSA Award

The Boy Scouting Program is very near and dear to my heart.  I was very active in the scouting program with my dad as a youth and I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1998.  I was thrilled to be contacted by Mike Morrow a few weeks ago to see if I could help sponsors a kayak demo night with the J.A.W. for a local Boy Scout Troop 387 in Kingsport, TN.  I gladly agreed and found out that there would be over 20 boys attending this meeting!  As the date approached last week I started searching the BSA web site to see if there was some sort of award or program I could find that the Scouts could work on during our upcoming Monday night (8/3/2009) session.  I found the Kayaking BSA award that they could earn a patch and recognition card for completing 6 requirements about basic kayaking skills and knowledge.  I sent this info to Mike and he said we would check with the troop to see if this would be something they were interested in completing.  The troop leaders agreed on Monday night when we met at the swimming area on Duck Island in Warrior’s Path State Park for the meeting.  Working through this award, help set a great program to introduce the Scouts to our great sport.

BSA Troop 387 Kayak Demo

We split the troop into 2 groups to work with them on the requirements of the Kayaking BSA.  Jen and I worked with one group.  Mike, Brian Pickett & Brian Plant worked with the other group.  All of the Scouts really seemed to enjoy the kayak program and lots of fun was had by all!  I got in contact with Roger at Immersion Research, one of my great Hometown Throwdown Events Sponsor, to give us an apparel prize for a boatercross race we had to finish the evening of kayak fun!  The winner of the race went received a new short sleeve IR Thin Skin!  The 2nd & 3rd Place winners went home with a pair of Ripple Nose Plugs & a Jackson Kayak Sticker.  All of the boys who participated went home with World Kayak Stickers!  The race was a great way to finish off the meeting and a big boomin’ fun!!


Check out the nice thank you note I received from one of the Troop’s Assistant Scout Master’s:


Mike, Wes, and everyone at Immersion Research, Thank you all very much for making last night’s kayak outing such an outstanding event for the scouts of Troop 387.  You guys really stepped up, did a professional job and shared your enthusiasm for the sport of kayaking with the young men from our troop.  Thank you for taking such a strong initiative in planning the program and securing prizes for the competition.  You certainly exceeded my expectations.  Thank you so much!


Robert Estep


A huge THANKS to Mike Morrow (local paddler and A.C.A. Kayak & Swiftwater Instructor) for organizing this event with Troop 387 and inviting me to be a part of it.  A big THANK YOU goes out to local paddlers, Jennifer Bradley (my wonderful wife), Brian Pickett & Brian Plant, for their help with instruction during the meeting.  I would also like to thank Mike, Jen, Pickett, Plant, & Stuart Everett for letting the troop borrow their personal gear/boats for the night to ensure there would be enough equipment for the large Boy Scout group.  Because all of these great efforts Troop 387 said that this was the best Monday night meeting they have ever had!!

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