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Ohiopyle Falls Private Boater Access – Needs Your Help!

Info Posted to AW from Mark Singleton:

Ohiopyle State Park held a public meeting to gather input and obtain feedback on a proposal submitted by the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks for private boater access to Ohiopyle Falls on November 22, 2008. The meeting was well attended by boaters in support of private boater access despite the inclement weather that day. American Whitewater is now asking boaters to submit letters supporting the park proposal, which are due by December 31, 2008.

American Whitewater is asking that boaters interested in access to Ohiopyle Falls respond to the Bureau by the deadline above. Even though the proposal gives boaters limited access with some restrictions American Whitewater is asking that boaters support the proposal and send a personal letter to the Park.

The sample letter below is an easy way to get started:

Ohiopyle State Park
P.O. Box 105
Ohiopyle PA 15470

Ohiopyle Falls Private Boater Access Proposal

I have read the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks proposal for private boater access and in favor of this proposal. Even though it has some limitations I feel it is a good start and well over due. It has been ten years since we started running the falls only on certain days and only during structured events. As a boater I feel confident as with any rapid that we as paddlers can make the decision as to whether to run the rapid or not without having a special event.

Make the letter personable and consider the following points:

•    If you have run the Falls try to make it personable. Talk about the first time you ran the falls or another time that you did (legal runs only). Please no runs that you got trashed. You can also talk about your friends and their feelings.
•    Let them know you appreciate the Parks effort in this proposal for stepping up this time.
•    Talk about other water falls in the area or even in the Park.
•    If you have not run the falls state how the falls should be considered like any other rapid and should not be restricted.
•    If you live close to the community let them know.

The time has come for the center point of this park (the falls) and most valuable resource to be open to private boater access.


Letters are being accepted via email as well as through the mail. To download a copy of the American Whitewater response click here followed by the download button.

It is important to note that even though this is a park proposal that could give boaters access to the falls the Park can and will reject their own proposal if they feel the community is not in favor of their proposal. In addition, if the Bureau feels there are various other reasons not to grant private boater access they will reject the proposal. There will likely be opposition from various sources to any private boater access so we need to make sure there is overwhelming support for private boater access.

American Whitewater has been working on this issue directly with the Park for over fifteen years and we now need boater participation via e-mail and letters. If the Bureau of Parks rejects this proposal we may not get another chance for private boater access for a long time.


To view documents about Ohiopyle Falls click the links below followed by the download button.

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