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Blue Trails Guide

American Rivers

I was contacted by Jamie Mierau from American Rivers yesterday.  She wrote me a note asking for me spread the word about a new guide they released this week called the Blue Trails Guide.

Blue trails, the water equivalent to hiking trails, have the incredible potential to stimulate local economies, encourage physical activity, improve community pride, and make rivers and communities healthier.

The Blue Trails Guide provides step-by-step instructions for developing thriving blue trails. To have a successful blue trail you need to have a healthy water body, which is why the guide focuses on conservation. You’ll find practical advice on planning, building, and managing for conservation as well as case studies from experienced practitioners across the country.

The Blue Trails Guide is designed for anyone interested in creating a blue trail including, but not limited to, planners, conservation organizations, recreational enthusiasts, and local and state governments.

Contact for additional information :

Email: jmierau@americanrivers.org
Phone: 202-347-7550

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