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Monthly Archives: November 2008

NOTICE to Freedom Hall Pool Kayakers!

Please pay the $2.00 fee for use of the pool during our kayak session… It has been brought to my attention by the Freedom Hall Pool Staff that several people who are joining us at the F.H. Pool Kayak Sessions are not paying.  Please make sure to pay each Tuesday…  Bring correct change if possible (They don’t usually [...]

Shopping With Keen = $ for AW!

I’m a big fan of Keen Footwear, so this is great news from AW: This December 8th-24th KEEN will donate $5 to American Whitewater for each purchase made in their Hybrid.Shop online using the code KEENAW. What’s more, this offer is open to anyone, AW member or not, who shops at Keen’s Hybrid.Shop online. That [...]

Blue Trails Guide

I was contacted by Jamie Mierau from American Rivers yesterday.  She wrote me a note asking for me spread the word about a new guide they released this week called the Blue Trails Guide. Blue trails, the water equivalent to hiking trails, have the incredible potential to stimulate local economies, encourage physical activity, improve community pride, and [...]

Green River Key Information

Copied from BT.  They had meeting on 10-31-08 re: 2009 keys. 1. $60 Keys for all people who want to use the private parking lot. – THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, if you don’t have a key than you are trespassing, period! 2. No reduction in Key price if you had the previous years key. They were giving [...]

World Kayak 2008 GNAR Race Report

Check out the Link below for the full report and photos:   http://worldkayakblogs.com/throwdown/2008/11/04/2008-green-river-narrows-race-report/