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Monthly Archives: June 2008

USFS Still dragging their feet on Chattooga Decision :-(

Looks like we are going to have to wait at least another 6 moths before we will even have a chance to paddle the Wild and Scenic upper Chattooga River… Check out the link below for the full story and how to help: http://americanwhitewater.org/content/Article_view_articleid_30092_display_full_

Exclusive – 1st Video Footage of HeeHaw Boating!!!

Check out Mr. Jones’ newest video on his website: http://heehawjones.com/ He’s so way more Pro than anyone than I know…

The Prodigal Red Star has Returned Home to the J.A.W.!!!

I must have had good Karma on my side yesterday, because my girlfriend and I found the J.A.W.’s Red Star yesterday after church!  Thanks to everyone who has sent notes of concern and encouragement.  The J.A.W. fleet is back to 12 boats strong!  Good day, great weekend!  See you on the River…

For Sale – WaveSport Fuse 35

My girlfriend has decided she needs to get her some Jackson Action!  Click the link below for the sale ad on Boatertalk: http://www.boatertalk.com/gear/gear-detail.php?gid=40535 This would be a good boat for anybody that wants to get their kids into the sport at a great price.  Have a nice day!

JAW Alert… Red JK Star Lost in Travel!!!

If you are traveling back and forth from Johnson City to Elizabethton on Hwy 321, please keep you eyes peeled for the Red JK Star in the JAW fleet along the road.  The boat flew of the back of the trailer last night on my way home from the Freedom Hall Pool Session.  There will be a [...]

Charlotte / Tri-Cities HTTD #3 Coverage & Results

Check out the full story with the link below: http://worldkayakblogs.com/throwdown/2008/06/17/charlotte-tri-cities-hometown-throwdown-event-3-coverage-current-overall-competition-results/

Big Sandy, WV: Vote Today (& Everyday) for Access

This news in from AW: Vote for Big Sandy today! http://www.redwoodcreek.com/greatoutdoors/voting.asp Vote Early and Often to Win Big $$’s for Big Sandy River and Trail Access Friends of the Cheat is attempting to facilitate the purchase of an outstanding piece of land along West Virginia’s Big Sandy Creek.  We can’t give you too many details, [...]

The JAW will be MIA Tonight…

@ the Freedom Hall Pool Session.  We will see you next week!

Red JK Star Added to the JAW Fleet!

I received a brand new 08′ Red JK Star to add to the JAW Fleet for this year.  The new boat will be available to demo at the Hometown Throwdown this Saturday with the rest on the JAW fleet.  I hope to see you there!

Charlotte / Tri-Cities Hometown Throwdown #2 Video Coverage

A big thanks goes out to Matt Dalton for producing this awesome video of how much fun we are having at the Hometown Throwdown Events!  Enjoy the video with the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XmYtZ6ogAs I hope to see you this coming Saturday for Event #3!