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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Skunked for my PFD of the GNAR

Well guys… I appreciate the supprting notes that you all have been sending me, but it looks like the GNAR trip is going to be a no go…   The Tuxedo plant is only releasing at 60% tomorrow, so that is not a safe level for a PFD. I will hopefully get on the GNAR [...]

Preparing for my PFD of the GNAR

Tomorrow (Saturday, May 31, 2008) I will attempt my personal first descent of the Green River Narrows with one other friend and a great guide.  I set this goal for myself back in December 2007, after my creeking clinic in Mexico with Leland Davis, to run the Narrows by June of this year.  I have [...]

“Downunder the Horizonline” Tri-Cities Premiere‏ Coming Soon!

Check out the link below for all the 411: http://www.worldkayak.com/event_wk.cfm?eventid=655

3 Days & 4 Rivers Ran

This past Memorial Day weekend was one of the best trips I have had in a long time.  My girlfriend, Jennifer, and I had a blast this weekend camping & kayaking on the Pigeon River Gorge, Tellico Ledges, Middle Ocoee, & French Broad Section IX.  All of these runs were PFD for Jen and I [...]

Patagonia Land Grant for Rocky Fork‏

Below is a note I receivedoff our APE’s paddling club Yahoo Group that I thought was worthwhile to share and support.  Check it out and vote for Rocky Fork! Dear friends and Rocky Fork supporters: We have worked for many years to preserve Rocky Fork, the incredible 10,000-acre natural wonder in Unicoi and Greene Counties. We [...]

Tri-Cities’ Premiere of Hotel Charley 3 Review

You missed a great time if you could not make it out this past Saturday night… Check out the link below for the complete story: http://www.worldkayak.com/article_wk.cfm?newsId=489 Peace out!

Hometown Throwdown Event #2 Results & Photos

Check out the link below for all the details: http://worldkayakblogs.com/throwdown/2008/05/19/charlotte-tri-cities-hometown-throwdown-event-2-results-photos/ Have a nice day!

We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Some Butt in East Coast TVF!

We are the champs of the East Coast!  Make sure you check out the Sexy Kayaking Beasts’ blog with the link below for our final East Coast TVF Arena Trip Report and Stats: http://worldkayakblogs.com/sexykayakingbeasts/ We have had a ridiculous amount of fun in the past three months!  Now it’s back to catching eddies and actually getting to [...]

“Hotel Charley Vol. 3 – The Lost World” Tri-Cities Premiere

This is just a friendly reminder to come out and join us Saturday night @ the Noli Gorge Campground for the Tri-Cities Premiere of the new whitewater kayaking action film “Hotel Charley Vol. 3 – The Lost World”.  Check out the link below for complete premiere event details:   http://www.worldkayak.com/event_wk.cfm?eventid=647   In conjunction with this [...]

USNWC TVF & Throwdown #2 Photos

Check out the 2 photo albums below from this past Saturday’s (5-3-08) adventures @ the USNWC: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20201&l=fed92&id=552848204 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20039&l=5e2b7&id=552848204 Stay tuned to World Kayak for full Charlotte / Tri-Cities Hometown Throwdown #2 event coverage & results ASAP. Have a nice day!