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Monthly Archives: February 2008

RiverGypsies Photo Contest #2

Here is another chance to help Leland Publish His River Gyspies’ Guide to North America by voting for your favorite photo. Click on the link below for all the details and to vote for your favorite photo in the list: http://www.brushymountainpublishing.com/rivergypsies/contest_vote_2.html Have a nice day!

Calling All APEs & Tri-Cities Regional Paddlers

Don’t forget that tonight is the APEs Meeting.  Check out this link for all the event details: http://www.worldkayak.com/article_wk.cfm?newsId=343 Come out and join us… I hope to see you there!

I’m Getting Fired Up for Another Big TVF Weekend!

I am hoping and praying hard that the forecasted rainy weather for today will become a reality this evening, so we will have some good flows for tomorrow… Team SKB will not have all of our official team paddlers together this weekend, but most of us are going to join up and try to rack up [...]

“Here & Now” World Premiere Movie

  Coming soon to the Tri-Cities Region!  Please share with all your friends and come out and join us… Check out the link below for all the event info: http://www.worldkayak.com/event_wk.cfm?eventid=527

SKB ELF’n on Wilson Creek

TVF Team SKB (Sexy Kayaking Beasts) had an awesome Saturday on Wilson Creek (2-23-08).  The flow was definitely in the ELF (Extremely Low Flow) range, but the weather was beautiful with blue bird skies and mild temps!  The level started off in the -8ish range and by the end of the day it had dropped to [...]

TVF Team SKB is Plotting to Bomb this Weekend!

Our Team (Sexy Kayaking Beasts) has already been plotting this morning our plan of attack to rack up some big TVF this weekend!  Wish us luck and stay tuned for a trip report… Have a nice day!  Wesley R. Bradley – Team SKB Paddler 

SKB’s Undercover Scouting Mission

Check out the link below to the SKB blog for details: http://worldkayakblogs.com/sexykayakingbeasts/2008/02/19/team-skb-on-undercover-scouting-mission-this-past-weekend/

Some Sweet TVF Practice Over the Past 2 Weekends by Team SKB!

Our TVF Team, the Sexy Kayaking Beasts (SKB), has been training hard over the past two months preparing for this years competition.  Most of our training has been occurring during the weekends on the Little, Wilson Creek, Big Creek, Noli, and Tremont.  The past two weekends some of our team members have really been stepping it up! The weekend before last [...]

2008 J.A.W. Debut Tonight!

Hopefully… Disclaimer: Pending some family health issues. Come to the Freedom Hall Pool tonight to see the new demo J.A.W. Fleet!  Check out the link below for details on the new J.A.W. Fleet: http://worldkayakblogs.com/wildwildwes/the-jaw/ I hope to see you there! Wesley R. Bradley – Tri-Cities World Kayak Ambassador

New J.A.W. Fleet and Rock Island Fun 2-9-08

Andrew Lowd and I had a blast on our little road trip to Rock Island Saturday!  We started the day off with some tasty breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Strawberry Plains, TN.  We Pulled into the JK Plant shipping area around 11:30 a.m. Central Time.  We loaded up our 10 new boats and headed to [...]