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Monthly Archives: December 2007

I got a New Sweet Rocker Fullface Helmet!

I received my new black helmet I ordered from NOC yesterday via UPS.  Let me tell you the company is not called Sweet Protection for no reason…  the helmet is so sweet in design and offers incredible protection without any limitations to your paddling.  The helmet fits like a glove and it is very warm [...]

Where My Paddling Obsession Began…

Here is a photo out of the archives…  Andrew Bentley’s mother (Margo) brought this to me yesterday at church: The photo is a picture of my best paddling buddy Andrew Bentley (on the left) and I (in red) with our first kayaks we paddled back in 1993-94.  We both learned to kayak at Buffalo Mountain Camp in Washington County, [...]

The World Kayak Premiere of the BATYAK!!!

Well it’s time to let the cat out of the bag on my latest weapon in my creeking arsenal…  The BATYAK!!! A few people at the U.S.N.W.C. and on the Noli have already spotted this stealth boat on the water, but now it is time to unveil it to the entire paddling community.  I love [...]