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HeeHaw has responded to my closing thought for the year…

I shot an e-mail to HeeHaw Jones to let him checkout the whole Jansen v/s HeeHaw question and here is the response I received from him:

First of all, a big wazzaaa to you for including me in your highlights of 2007…if I weren’t me I’d certainly include me in my own highlights of 2007, but I am me, so I won’t.

As for this Jansen Weatherly dude, this guy is seriously trying to bite on my game…please man, I been ruling the scene for years, when did this guy show up, this fall or something….whatever.  Dude is a total corporate shill anyways.  I notice he’s trying to steal my moves too.  What a poser.

As far as a fight goes, I’d win hands down because I’m a pro, which means I’m the best at pretty much anything I do.  I wish this guy would try to start something with me….I wish.

Anyways bro, feel free to add this email to your little blog there…it will probably get you like a million internet hits because you had a real email from me.

Keep up the work, maybe one day you’ll be a pro like me, I doubt it, but you can always dream.

HeeHaw Jones

Now that we have HeeHaw’s thoughts on the matter, I will try and contact Jansen to get his comments…

Happy New Year World Kayak!

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    Let’s invite ‘em to meet

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