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2 Laps on Wilson & a Big Thank You to Colin!

I spent the evening Sunday night doing some outfitting adjustments to my Mega Rocker, as Colin recommended below in my last post.  I moved the seat all the way forward and cut down the foam of the foot braces to a nice snug fit.  I was excited to try it out…

Well I awoke this morning on Christmas Eve and saw that Wilson Creek was still running from the rain we got on Sunday.  I met up with one of my best paddling buddies, Dan Thomas, and Shane Wilson (from Rushing Water Outfitters) to fire up a some laps in the gorge.  The Level was good (-4ish) and the weather was clear & cold (30′s).  We got two laps in by noon with a dry hair day!  It was a great way to kick off Christmas!  When I left the gorge, I checked the gauge and it had already dropped to -5.5.

My new outfitting adjustments seem to work very well for me!  I felt much more maneuverable.  I had some very nice boofs on No Name Ledge and Boat Buster.

Thanks Santa for sending me this early Christmas Gift for 2 great laps on Wilson Creek!  Merry Christmas!     

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