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Mega Rocker V/S Everest

Everest Mega Rocker

I have had a few of my paddling buddies ragging me about paddling an Everest last week, including Leland (LOL)…  I have also had a couple of people already ask me about a boat review / comparison of the Everest and Mega Rocker.  So I thought I would just go ahead and post my thoughts up for the world on this subject FYI.

As most of you know I paddle a Mega Rocker (The BATYAK) as my primary creek boat, but last week I paddled an Everest all week during my paddling trip in Mexico.  Well here is my take on the two boats as a comparison:

The Everest is a planning hull boat, so you get a little more performance out of the boat as far as staying on line and being able to make quick adjustments to your line.  However it is not the easiest boat in the world to roll.  The Everest’s optimal performance is reached by positioning the seat as far forward toward the bow as possible (like the Stars and Funs).  I did learn during the trip that I don’t hate planning hull creekers as much as I thought before, but I still prefer the full displacement hull after paddling the Everest all week.

The Mega is a much more forgiving boat in boil lines, cross currents and off angle entry drops.  I also like the additional volume the Mega offers compared to the Everest.  Plus it is a much more comfortable boat!  I had to pop my skirt several times during the trip last week to stretch out my legs and relax my knees.  I also have to admit that I cheated a little bit with my seat in the Everest by installing a Sweet Cheeks system in the Everest, because I thought the Everest’s seat was too hard.

The only thing that really caught my attention about the Everest was how well it would stay on line or how you could change your line if you needed to do a quick adjustment going into a feature.  The Mega stays on line well, but it can be a bear to try and do any quick adjustments without doing some sort of aggressive draw stoke, etc…

There has also been some debate between team JK members about seat placement in the Rocker Series…  EJ and Clay both have told me to put the seat back as far as I can for optimal performance.  Colin sent me this note concerning this same issue:

I find that the Mega handles much better with the seat slammed to the bow.  I have my seat at the front stops.  I am not sure if this is due to boating style or that the physics are that much different in our big boy size.  I find that my ability to turn and correct is greatly enhanced with the seat closer to the bow.  When I first got it I moved the seat to the back b/c that is where I have always preferred the seat in a creek boat.  My other thought is that with me and more so you; we are a bit lower in the weight range for our boats than EJ and Clay are in the Rocker.  Try it out and let me know.  You also need to make sure you turn the boat from the bow and not the stern (Which means that you turn using positive strokes, no rudder, and keep your forward posture).”

I have not tried Colin’s recommendation out yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be doing some outfitting adjustments this weekend to check it out!  I will post up some feedback regarding Colin’s tips, but in the mean time as a general rule of thumb: If you are a big and tall person like Colin and I – Move the seat forward in your Rocker. If you are an average to small size person like EJ and Clay: Move the seat toward the back of your Rocker.  It never hurts to experiment… and let us know your feedback regarding this issue!

Paddling the Everest really got me pumped to check out the new Hero Series!  I think JK’s new Hero Series is going to be the ultimate planning hull creek boat for people who prefer that type of hull in a creeker.  

Pray for rain and I hope to see you on the river!  Merry Christmas!!

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