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Monthly Archives: December 2007

HeeHaw has responded to my closing thought for the year…

I shot an e-mail to HeeHaw Jones to let him checkout the whole Jansen v/s HeeHaw question and here is the response I received from him: “Dude, First of all, a big wazzaaa to you for including me in your highlights of 2007…if I weren’t me I’d certainly include me in my own highlights of [...]

My Closing Paddling Thoughts for 2007

This year has been a great year of paddling for me!  I did several personal first descents this year that include: the Lower Gauley, Wilson Creek, Whitetop Laurel, my Mexico Paddling trip (Ojo Frio, el Salto, & Cascade Micos), and Hooker Falls.  I have learned a lot this year and my paddling skills keep improving.  I have [...]

Merry Christmas from HeeHaw Jones!

HeeHaw has taken a moment out of his busy schedule of signing autographs and kayaking in China to wish us a Merry Christmas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk-7CTmaUo4 Enough said…

2 Laps on Wilson & a Big Thank You to Colin!

I spent the evening Sunday night doing some outfitting adjustments to my Mega Rocker, as Colin recommended below in my last post.  I moved the seat all the way forward and cut down the foam of the foot braces to a nice snug fit.  I was excited to try it out… Well I awoke this [...]

Mega Rocker V/S Everest

  I have had a few of my paddling buddies ragging me about paddling an Everest last week, including Leland (LOL)…  I have also had a couple of people already ask me about a boat review / comparison of the Everest and Mega Rocker.  So I thought I would just go ahead and post my thoughts up [...]

A few Photos from Bungalow Bob – Craze of Creeks

Here are some photos to wet your appetite until I get my trip report published.  Enjoy! Below is a photo of me on the Micos. Below is a photo of me running a 20′ waterfall on el Salto! Below is a photo of me hucking the biggest drop of the trip; a 25′ waterfall on el [...]

Running the Big Drop in the Micos – SLP, Mexico

O.K. so I have been covered up at work and church playing catch up since my return of my awesome padding trip in Mexico… I have had several paddling friends begging me for some beta, so… here is a quick teaser video I uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvGeNQkWT-c More updates on my [...]

Guess Who’s Back, Guess Who’s Back, Guess Who’s Back to World Kayak!!!

That right…  your’s truly is back from Mexico and wow what a paddling trip!!!  I have  a ton of photos and stories to share; So stay tuned over the next week, because I will be posting updates on my trip periodically.  It’s a little overwhelming for one big post… It’s good to be back home though!  Merry [...]

Farewell World Kayak Community!!!

This will be my last post to my blog until I return from my Mexico Paddling Adventure (Bungalow Bob – Craze of Creeks)…  Leland has indicated that there is an Internet Cafe about 10 minutes from the resort where we are lodging.  If I get a chance to dry off from all the great waterfalls [...]

Weather in Mexico

If you’re curious about what the weather will be like while I am down in Mexico kayaking, click on the link below for Live up-to-date weather conditions: http://weather.weatherbug.com/Mexico/Ciudad-Valles-weather.html?zcode=z6160 It’s looking nice for our first part of the week in the 7 day planner!  Sunday will not come soon enough for me!! Blessings to all this Christmas [...]