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Boat Day was a Blast!

Boat Day Sign Demo Show Set-up Lots of Boats to Try Out! The J.A.W. Tent

The J.A.W. had a very successful demo show at Boat Day in Murfreesboro, TN to say the least…  Over 235 people showed up to get out on the water.  Over half the people who showed up to participate in the event had never even been in a kayak.  So it was a great day to educate many new comers to the sport.

Mega Demo Fun Demo Fun on the River Loading up for some Fun Paddling Around

My girlfriend, Juli Blue, had a blast getting to demo the new JK rec. boats!  I jumped in one of the new JK rec. boats and had a bunch of fun paddling it up and down the river for a couple of laps too.  I also had a lot of fun showing some folks how to roll a kayak and showing off some flat water tricks.

Juli Paddling the Day Tripper 10 Juli Modeling the New JK Rec. Boats Wesley Paddling the JK Day Tripper 12

The J.A.W. hooked up with Matt Silvey, the owner of North Cumberland Outfitters (a Jackson Superstore located in Clarksville, TN – http://www.ncogear.com/), to have an entire fleet of whitewater and rec. boats for the show.  Matt and his wife are super cool people!  Juli & I enjoyed hanging out with them during the show.  

Matt and Wesley

At the end of the demo show I was interviewed by TN Wild Side – http://www.tnwildside.org/.  I did a segment about Jackson Kayak and how to choose a kayak.  It was a lot of fun to get a free plug for JK and to be a movie star for 5 minutes.

Here is a note from Randle Branch of the Stones River Watershed Association about the showtime for the Boat Day Video (Segment #1406):

 Boat Day, cosponsored by the Stones River Watershed Association and Murfreesboro Parks & Recreation has a video segment produced by Tennessee Wild Side , http://www.tnwildside.org/default.asp , to be aired in Nashville’s Public Television market Saturday, August 18, at 6:30 am and Sunday, August 19, at 9:00 am.  Other markets may air at different times and dates, but may be preempted by fundraisers. The segment can also be seen and purchased on the  Tennessee Wild Side web site, http://www.tnwildside.org/default.asp .  Search segment #1406.  Also look for #1309 on Instream Flow, also done on the West Fork of the Stones River.

I hope you enjoy my captivating performance!

Wesley’s TN Wild Side Interview Action Did I mention Jackson Kayak Rocks!

Till next time – have a nice day and I hope to see you on the river!

The J.A.W. Heading Out

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  1. Randle Branch
    Posted July 20, 2007 at 8:32 am | Permalink

    Thanks to Jackson Kayaks for their great contribution to Boat Day. We had over 250 people on the river that day, 250% of last year’s attendance. Preparing for a HUGE evente next year.

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