Merry Christmas!

21 12 2011

Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone! We hope you all get plenty of action on the water over the festive period!

The Boys from WEK x

UK Winter Paddling

14 12 2011

If your in the UK what rivers are you planning on running this Winter? Check out Sam Ellis and Jason Raper running Eller Beck, a spate run which may run soon!…What a run!

Eller Beck

African Surf

14 12 2011

Jason Raper and Miles Jones head to the west coast of Africa in search of big surf. Full trip report to come on their return.

Richard Brooks Hits The South Of England

8 12 2011

Richard Brooks shares his experiences on a selection of rivers in the South Of England. This video shows some of the action of his 4 day trip.

Check out the following link!

Down South

Rheaedr Mawddach Video

5 12 2011

The Rheadr Mawddach video touches down. Enjoy!

Rheadr Mawddach Video

The Rheaedr Mawddach

2 12 2011

On the 30th November 2011 WEK paddler Matty Nicholas ran the Rheaedr Mawddach in Wales. The drop falls 86 feet over 3 drops that cascade into each other. It is made all the worse by an old mine shaft about three quarters of the way down the drop on the river right side. Matty cleared the first two drops which was the crux of the run. The hit from the landing at the bottom of the second drop forced him to take a roll on the lip of the final fall. The photo here is a taster of what is to come. A full series of photos will be out and a video later on this week.

Matty Nicholas Firing Up The 86ft Rheaedr Mawddach

Matty Nicholas Firing Up The 86ft Rheaedr Mawddach

Stout Of The Snout

21 11 2011

Some more sick photos of Sam Ellis taking on the Couldron Snout. Its hard to capture the scale of this beast. Without being there to see it. those who were there no the true extent of what was achieved here on this day.

Sam Snout GP Top

Point Of No Return, Sam is now fully committed to the hole rapid

The first must make boof on the steepest part of the rapid

The first must make boof on the steepest part of the rapid

Sam Snout GP Middle

About to continue into the second section of the rapid

Sam GP2 Boof

The Final Boof, If Sam had missed the line by as little as 6 inches the day may of ended very differently

Sam GP2 Celebration


One Day In Iceland

13 11 2011

Produced by Matty Nicholas the long awaited full film from the WEK expedition to The Land Of Fire And Ice. In July 2011 WEK paddlers Matty Nicholas, Sam Ellis, Adam Ramadan, Jason Raper, Miles Jones and Dean Gagnon headed to Iceland in search of waterfalls and rivers. The trip was a great success and the film One Day In Iceland tells our story.

One Day In Iceland

One Day In Iceland

8 11 2011

The Long awaited film of the WEK trip to The Land Of Fire And Ice is hours away from touch down.

Couldron Snout

6 11 2011

This Video shows the full story from our day on the Upper Upper Tees where Sam Ellis took on the highest water decent of Couldron Snout.

Couldron Snout The Full Story