Western Maryland Boating

Western Maryland – Home to some of the best boating in the East

Spring Paddling is full bloom – regional festival schedule

This spring has had more water than ever. The thaw out from the great snow of 2010 has kept things running everywhere. Be careful out there as the high water may have changed things.

BTW, spring festival season is starting, so don’t miss

Cheat Fest on May 5th

Stoneycreek Rendezvous – May 14-15

2010 Inaugural “All-American Whitewater Festival” (May 28-31)
An all-weekend whitewater festival in celebration of American veterans who have paid the ultimate price for their patriotism. Team River Runner, the national program for injured war veterans who heal through kayaking, will have their second annual Rendezvous at ASCI, and will put on some whitewater demonstrations alongside a crew of professional extreme and freestyle kayakers. The goal is to kick-off the summer whitewater season, and raise awareness about the great rivers of America.

SO get out to one of these great events and enjoy the rivers with family and friends.

Great Afternoon on the Top Yough

After a 2 year break, I got on the Top Yough again on Friday. 38 Degrees, 400 cfs, and the company of Matt Taylor and Tom McEwan made for a great run to try and shake off the rust some. Now to start getting back out on the river again soon.

BTW the Top Yough runs regularly through out the winter so for all those hearty winter boaters. Stay warm out there as its getting a touch colder on the water.

Lee’s Friday Update of Water level predictions

WEATHER - Forecast still looks seasonable and mostly sunny. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for Monday but ‘”so far’ in the evening – when everyone will be driving home.


SAVAGE - Not really a release since the reservoir is full and the water is flowing over the spillway, but currently 308 cfs and dropping slowly. It should be a little above the 250 cfs minimumfor Saturday.

N. BR. POTOMAC – Balt Dist of ACE must read my postings, they cranked up the release from Bloomington (Randolph Jennings) for a couple days. There is still a lot of water behind the dam and the announced release for this weekend is 450 cfs, a little more than the 400 cfs minimum.

UPPER YOUGH - FRIDAY *** & SATURDAY*** – Will be beefy w/o the release, borderline scary during the release bubble (see below)


WILLS – Low on Sat, very low for Sunday.

LOWER YOUGH - Currently 7.37 ft / 7590 cfs of which 5600 is coming from the dam. ****ACE has changed their planned release and now anticipates cutting the flow from the dam back to 3300 cfs on Saturday, 1200 on Sunday and 1800 on Monday.*** The flows from Casselman and Laurel Hill creek will diminish but still provide ~1500cfs on Sat, tapering to ~1100 on Monday. . Expect upper 5.5 ft on Sat, ~3.9 on Sunday and 3.8 the first part of Monday rising to 4.4 ft on Monday afternoon – as the bubble works its way downstream. The Monday bubble won’t affect many boaters due to the travel time. from Confluence. If you are putting on after 1pm, it may catch up to you.

DRY FORK of CHEAT - Med Sat, med-low, low on Monday

BIG SANDY - Med (~ 5.8 to 5.9ft) on Sat, tapering to med-low, then low by Monday

TYGART – GORGE - tapering from Med+ on Sat to med-low on Monday


Lee’s Weekend Water level forcast for Memorial Day Weekend


ASCI Whitewater Showdown is Friday night – more info is at www.youghpaddlingclub.com

– Looks like a few lingering showers through Thursday but not enough precipitation to materially affect river levels. Cool on Friday with a warming trend and sunny weather throughout the 3-day weekend. Highs starting in the upper 60′s and finishing in the upper 70′s.

TERMINOLOGY – I often describe something as low, med-low, etc so here is my interpretation.
LOW – Above minimum but normally only by a couple inches, play features may be missing – e.g. Lehigh at 500 cfs, Shenandoah Staircase at 1500 cfs, the Lower Yough at 1.4 ft, Cheat at 1.4 ft
MED-LOW a little room to spare but not quite at the sweet spot e.g Lehigh at 650, Staircase at 2000, the LY at 1.9 ft,Cheat at 1.8 ft
MEDIUM – the level at which the river / rapids are normally described e.g. Lehigh at 750 – 900, Staircase at 2800, LY 2-2.4 ft.,Cheat at 2.5 ft
MED+ – A little extra push, a little faster, a little more power, a couple holes may start getting testy, e.g. Lehigh at 1200, LY at 3 ft., Cheat at 3.2 ft
MED-HIGH – Noticeable extra push at least a partial step up in difficulty multiple features & holes to be avoided (say from a 3 to 3+, maybe 4-) Lehigh at 1800-2000, LY at 4 ft, Cheat at 4 ft
HIGH – Really big and pushy, certainly a level of difficulty higher than normally rated. e.g. Lehigh at 4000+, LY at 5ft+, Cheat at 6 ft+

SAVAGE – Not really a release since the reservoir is full and the water is flowing over the spillway, but currently 502 cfs and it should be a little above the 250 cfs minimum (~300) for Saturday; Sunday is slightly better than 50-50.

N. BR. POTOMAC - There is no release SCHEDULED for this weekend but a) the reservoir is nearly full (about 8 inches from the spillway whereas they like to have 24 inches for flood control purposes) b) there is substantial inflow (1,664 when last measured). ACE has a couple of choices a) dump a lot of water before the weekend b) allow most of the flood control space to be used up (not likely) c) have significant outflow this weekend – but don’t call it a boating release (most likely) My estimate is 800-1000 for the weekend.

- Will be beefy w/o the release, borderline scary during the release bubble (see below)

will be open all weekend with summer hours for the first time this year


STONEYCREEK CANYON - Ferndale ~4.7, 4.4, and 4.1 Sat, Sun, Mon, – painted gage on rte 601 – 3.0, 2.7, 2.4 (med+, med, med-low)

CASSELMAN – Med, tapering to low by Mon

WILLS - Low on Sat, iffy for Sunday.

LOWER YOUGH - Currently 8.28 ft / 9250 cfs of which 6,340 is coming from the dam. ACE anticipates cutting the flow from the dam back to 2200 cfs on Saturday and the flows from Casselman and Laurel Hill creek will diminish but still provide 1000 or so cfs. Expect low to mid 4′s on Sat tapering to upper 3′s on Monday

TOP YOUGH - Runnable all weekend tapering from med+ on Sat to low on Monday

UPPER YOUGH - Natural flow part tapering from Med+ on Sat to Med-low on Monday

BIG SANDY - Med (~ 6ft) on Sat, tapering to med-low, then low by Monday

TYGART – GORGE - tapering from Med+ on Sat to med-low on Monday

CHEAT - ~ 4ft Sat am, 3.5 ft Sun., and 3.2 ft on Monday

MIDDLE FORK - med-low on Sat, probably low but runnable on Sunday

ASCI Whitewater Showdown series starts this Friday

ASCI Whitewater Showdown

Sponsored by:

ASCI, Bliss-Stick Kayaks, Starkkmoon Kayaks, Stonyboater Paddle Wax, and Stonyboater.com

The 2008 ASCI White Water Showdown will kick off this year on Friday, May 23rd with the following events:

* 5PM – Registration
* 6PM – Raft Race (ASCI will provide equipment)
* 7PM – Boatercross
* 8PM – Freestyle Kayaking

Cost is $10 per event (1 class only) or $20 for the night (up to two classes per event).

The Showdown is this years version of the Friday Night Fun Series. The 2007 Friday Night (now the Whitewater Showdown) series was a great success! The Showdown will be held once a month through August featuring freestyle, boatercross,single-pole giant slalom competitions, and Raft races. Paddlers of all levels, and types of craft were encouraged to participate.

The rests of the Showdown Schedule is as follows:
Friday, June 20th

* 5PM – Registration
* 6PM – Raft Race (ASCI will provide equipment)
* 7PM – Giant Slalom
* 8:30PM – Freestyle Kayaking

Friday, July 25th – Adventure Games event

* 5PM – Registration
* 6PM – Boatercross
* 7:30PM – Freestyle Kayaking
* Raft Race will be held Saturday night

Friday, August 22nd

* 5PM – Registration
* 6PM – Raft Race (ASCI will provide equipment)
* 7PM – Boatercross
* 8PM – Giant Slalom

Frostburg State Pool Sessions are back!!!

Thanks again to a collaboration between the Frostburg State University’s Activities for Life program and the Yough Paddling Club rolling sessions will be held for 4 weeks at the FSU pool beginning February 19.

Cost: $4 per person per night

Dates: Feb. 19 & 26 and March 4 & 11

Time: 9:00 PM – 10:45 PM

As usual, please make sure your boats are clean. These sessions are open to the public. Thanks to Chuck and C.C. for agreeing to coordinate these valuable sessions here in Western Maryland.

For more information about the Yough Paddling Club, including how you to can join the club, go to the new website:


It may be cold out side, but creeking season is in full swing, and the warm weather is just around the corner!

See you at the pool and on the River!!!!!!!

YPC – “Up the Creek With A Paddle” end of year trip

You are invited to participate in the Yough Paddling Club’s “Up the Creek with A Paddle” end of year trip.


Date: Monday, December 31, 2007
Time: 10 AM

River: N. Branch of the Potomac from Cumberland up stream for 1 hour or until we get to the Allegany County Fairgrounds (which ever happens first) and back.

Difficulty: Mostly flat and moving water with one Class I attainment rapid. Bring a long boat, I’ll be in a 15 foot sea kayak.

Where: We will meet in the Parking lot located under I-68 just off Green Street. We will be putting in there by climbing up and over the imbackment.

How do you get there: From the East take I-70W to I-68W. Your exit will be the one exit past the “downtown” exit it is just after you get off the I – 68 bridge over Cumberland. Bear to you right off the exit, go to the traffic light at sheetz. Turn right, go to next light turn right. The parking lot is on your left.

From the West: I-68 East to Cumberland come down the hill into Cumberland take the exit right before the Cumberalnd Bridge (for the locals this is the exit at the Moose Curve). Its a share turn off the interstate so be ready to slow down fast. Turn left at the end of the exit and the parking lot is to your right as you pass under the interstate.

There are no changing rooms and this is an urban neighborhood so be descrete about changing please be descrete changing, or consuming beverages.

Please let me know if you are coming by emailing me at: westernmddem@gmail.com with the subject “Up a Creek trip”

This is going to be a low key not difficult or high speed paddle to relax and enjoy the river and the year that was 2007. Hope to see you there.

Warning: Dangerous Strainer on the Cheat

An incident last weekend involving a strainer in the easier runout blow Pete Morgans has brought to light the existance of a dagerous strainer on the Cheat Canyon Section roughly 3/4 of a mile below the last major rapid. Here is a link to a description of the incident posted on the MCC’s Pattle Prattle. In the linked thread is a picture of the strainer as well as a desciption of both the incident and the location of the strainer.

 Be safe out there. The Cheat is a great run so enjoy but watch out for hidden problems like this one.

Weekend Water forecast for first weekend of November

I’m a little late getting this up, but here is Lee’s forecast for the rivers that are runnable this weekend. There is slim pickings as is typical in November.

Lee’s predictions:

LOWER YOUGH – Currently ~ 2ft / 1000cfs, of which 800 is coming from the dam. Expect about the same all weekend.

CHEAT – Canyon looks to be low but runnable all weekend (~1.5 on Sat, 1.4 on Sunday) When the Canyon is runnable the Narrows is also.

And that is it! Pray for rain we need it.

Weekend Water predictions by Lee for October 26-28

Each week Lee puts out his very accurate Weekend Water predictions which are published on the Canoe Club of Harrisburg website. His full prediction includes much of Central and Eastern PA as well as the Western Maryland Region. So I’ve edited it down to the rivers here in Western MD and within a short drive of here in West Virginia and Western PA. You can find his whole prediction by clicking on “Weekend Water” above. 

Without further ado here is Lee’s water level prediction for Western MD and the surrounding watersheds:

WEATHER – Rain on and off through Saturday then tapering off on Sat afternoon for most of the area (except far eastern PA). Western PA & MD will clear a little earlier. This rain is expected to produce significant rainfall over a fairly large area. For the most part, this has been a steady, soaking rain, so much of it has soaked in to the previously dry ground rather than running off. A thunderstorm / downpour would have produced a higher percentage of runoff. In most areas we haven’t seen as much runoff as you’d normally expect for the amount of rain but I think that the ground is starting to saturate and some of the wetlands have been recharged so that with the additional rain we’ll start seeing more runoff. A picture is worth a thousand words so go to http://www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/qpf/qpf2.shtml and click through the days, click on the map of each day to enlarge it. You can also go to http://www.erh.noaa.gov/marfc/Maps/qpf/qpf_24hr_24.png and http://www.erh.noaa.gov/marfc/Maps/qpf/qpf_48hr_48.png Expect seasonable high temps with highs in the low 60′s.

LOWER YOUGH – Currently 2.23ft , 1200cfs with 900 coming from the dam. Expect slightly less (~2.1 / 1100cfs) for the weekend.
CHEAT (CANYON & NARROWS) – Will be cranking all weekend. Currently 4280 cfs at Parsons and rising. If you look at the “headwaters” gages Bemis, Bowden, and Job are still rising; Cheat Bridge has just crested this morning. You can get this information by going to this web page http://www.afws.net/states/wv/wv.htm and then clicking on Randolph and Tucker counties. It is still raining there as I write this and modeerate amounts of additional rain are expected. I would expect the Canyon to crest on Friday but still be at a very beefy level on Saturday (4.5-5.5 ft – could be more depending on the rainfall). Sunday should bring levels of upper 3′s to lower 4′s. The Narrows is a much more hospitable run at higher water levels.
FORKS of the CHEAT – A lot of possibilities, especially on Saturday. I don’t have a lot of experience forecasting them and then going out an paddling to see how good my forecast was, then refining the process. The lower sections of the DRY FORK and SHAVERS FORK will certainly be running.
TYGART – Plenty of water all weekend in the GORGE. (unfortunately the Middle Fork didn’t get as much rain). The AUDRA section wil be at a pretty beefy level.
UPPER YOUGH – Currently runnable on natural flow 3.09ft / 508 cfs at Friendsville (no releases from Deep Creek until 11/21), The level at Oakland is just cresting, more rain (moderate amounts) is on the way. UY will be runnable all weekend probably in the 400-500 cfs range. A slight shift in the path of the storm could bring it up an extra 200 cfs.
TOP YOUGH – Also looks to be running all weekend.
STONEYCREEK River – Looks to get just enough of the storm to get above minimum for a day. If the storm shifts slightly west good levels all weekend.

Freestyle Nationals Pictures – Impressions

A couple weeks ago now, ASCI hosted Freestyle Nationals. The event has recieved excellent reviews from everywhere I’ve seen write ups of the event. I was only able to get up there for a couple hours during the middle of the day. There was a good size crowd of at least 500 people and a great vibe between the compitition, music, and the announcing. I’m s ure the crowd would have been much bigger if it was held in the summer instead of the end of September.

It was a bright and sunny day which really showed off the beauty of the location as well as made it very pleasant to sit and watch amazing athletes pull of amazing rides in a realitivly intimate setting. So here is the full gallery of pictures I took in the 2 hours I was there.

Freestyle Nationals

A couple of my favorites from the44 pictures are:

This is Dane Jackson during his highest scoring run. According to at least one report it was the highest scoring ride of the whole event.

Here is  one of someone cuting back into a arial move:

This picture is taken looking downstream toward the event sites. It gives a good feel of the crowd and locale:

Finally, here is a couple pictures take of the second feature – the hole at Feature B:

Quick post and upcoming stuff

Its been a while since I posted anything so just a quick note of things to come. First, there is now an official Western Maryland Region for the Worldkayak.com website, and you will be able to put up Western Maryland based blog on worldkayakblogs.com soon too (if its not up yet). I’m the worldkayak.com ambassador for the Western Maryland region so please ask any questions via comments to this post.

 Due to my lack of activity on here for the last six weeks I’ll be adding posts for the following things over the next 4 weeks:

1) Final wrap up of the Friday Night Fun Series – Paige Teegarden is the first ever “IR Queen of the River,”

2) Another hidden treasures article on creeks in the Western Md region that most people don’t know about if they aren’t a local,

4) A winter boating piece on boating in Western Maryland, 

5) Updates on the two national events that happened at ASCI in September and October – Freestyle Nationals and the Whitewater Symposium, and

6) Yough Paddling Club updates on how to join and upcoming club events.

After that I’ll be focusing on getting the Western Maryland Region of Worldkayak.com up and running with all the info needed to paddle in the region and live the outdoor boating lifestyle in Western Maryland.

Its official – September 9 Savage Release a go. YEAH!!!!

So I was wondering around the next instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing and there was a change to the Savage/North BranchRelease Schedule website this AM.

According to the release website ”A whitewater release for Savage River Dam is being scheduled for Sunday September 9, 2007. The whitewater release will extend from 9 AM to 3 PM at a flow rate of about 1000 cfs. :

So see you on the Savage in September for the first time in a looong time!

September Boating in Western Maryland

As the summer fades to fall, September brings to end the summer river season, but also brings to the fore-front the reservoir drawdown schedule.

Labor Day weekend has 3 days of Upper Yough Releases, then we start into Gauley season.

September 9 is the third scheduled release for the Savage. Lets hope that there is enough water behind that dam to keep it from being canceled.

September 15 and 16 are the reschuled dates for the Yough Falls race and festival over in Ohiopyle.

The very next weekend is Gauleyfest, an event that needs no explanation.

The month closes out with Freestyle National’s at ASCI on Spetember 29. After that its only 2 weekends to the end of the Upper Yough Releases in mid October.

Western Maryland Boating Scene

The question of what the boating scene is like in Western Maryland has come up a couple times recently. So I put together a brief description of the region and what there is to offer here. 


Western Maryland is home to some the marquee whitewater runs in the Eastern United States. It includes the watersheds of the North Branch of the Potomac, the Youghiogheny River, and, with in an hour’s drive, the Cheat and Tygart watershed. According to regional tradition, Western Maryland begins just west of the City of Frederick, MD, and continues west along I-70 and then I-68 until the West Virginia state approximately 10 miles west of Friendsville.  This 150 mile journey takes one from around 300 feet above sea level all the way to the highest point of Maryland at over 3,000 feet of elevation.

The mountainous nature of the region mixed with river valleys provides paddling experiences from the moving flat water along parts of the Potomac and Monocacy Rivers to classic whitewater runs like the Upper Yough, Kitzmiller section of the North Branch of the Potomac, and the savage River. Some of the worlds best white water boaters cut their teeth on the rivers of the Western Maryland region. Given the close proximity of both the West Virginia Panhandle and South Western Pennsylvania there is some overlap in rivers that are included both in the Western Maryland Region and the rest of the surrounding area. Western Maryland is unique in that it is primarily a whitewater destination rather than a home to a large whitewater population like Ashville, NC or Fayetteville, WV. 

There is still a strong presence of boaters living in the region. To the east the Monocacy Canoe Club http://www.monocacycanoe.org out of Fredrick, MD is a strong club.  A smaller up similarly storied club is the Mason-Dixon Canoe club http://www.masondixoncanoeclub.org  centered around Hagerstown, and the recently formed Yough Paddling Club http://www.youghclub.com which is primarily paddlers living in Garrett and Allegany Counties and is loosely affiliated with the Adventuresports Center Internationale http://adventuresportscenter.com .

Each of the clubs offer opportunities to learn about boating, provide trips, and socializing opportunities for those who are boater as well as those who want to become boater. In addition to the region’s clubs there are a good number of boating schools and outfitters who offer classes and opportunities to participate in and learn about whitewater boating including rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. Included in this list is one of the Country’s two recalculating artificial whitewater courses, as well as some of the most stories paddling schools in the Mid Atlantic regions.

Some the many whitewater events that take place in the region include the Cheat River Festival, Ohiopyle Falls Day, Stonycreek Rendezvous, Upper Yough Race and Festival, along with several national, regional, and  level competitions each year. Region based boater are typically either students attending regional colleges, or are professionals who have chosen to employment that allows them to stay in the region to boat. There is a good bit of seasonal recreational employment with ski resorts hiring in the winter, and river-based employment opportunities in the spring and summer. In fact, the recreation industry is supported academically by Frostburg State University and Garrett College offer the national known Adventuresports degree programs which are home to many aspiring boaters. Needless to say there are many different ways to get engaged in the paddling community of Western Maryland.

List of all rivers in the area.

Potomac Watershed

N. Branch of the Potomac – Styer to Kittzmiller Class III-IV 
N. Branch of Potomac – Kittzmiller to James Randolph Lake – Class II-III 
N. Branch of the Potomac Barnum to Bloomington – Class I-II 
N. Branch – Bloomington to Keyser – Class II (WV) 
Difficult Run in N. Branch – Class IV 
Stony River in N. Branch – Class III – IV 
Abram’s Creek  – Class II-IV(Tributaries) 
Laurel Run – III-IV+ 
Lost Lands Run – III-IV 
Savage River – III-IV 
Upper Savage River – Class II-III 
Crabtree Creek –Class III IV 
George’s Creek – II-III 
Will’s Creek – III-IV 
Brush Creek – III 
Jennings Run – II-III 
Evitt’s Creek – I-III 
Fifteen Mile Creek – I-II 
Flintstone Creek – I-II 
Sidling Hill Creek – I-II 
Town Creek –I-II 
Antietam Creek – I-II 
Monocacy River – I-II 
Youghiogheny Watershed in MD

Tipy-Top Yough  – I-IV 
Top Yough –III-IV 
Upper Yough –IV-V- 
Deep CreeK – V 
Rock Creek – III-IV 
Bear CreeK – III-IV 
Upper Casselman River (Grantsville, MD) – II
Adventuresports Center Internationale artificial whitewater course – Class II-IV depending on release level

Other Regional Rivers from overlapping regionsLower Yough 
Cheat River & Tribs. 
Fike’s Creek 
Blackwater, Upper & Lower 
Upper & Lower Big Sandy 
Little Sandy 
Drake Run 
Indian Creek

ASCI Friday Night Fun Series – Riversport Series Final in 4 days

All good things must come to an end, and the end of the first year of the Friday Night Fun Series is this Friday. But before we sign off o the year we are going out with a bang!

The Riversport Series Final is a two event evening with two separate freestyle events held back to back. First, we will hold freestyle through the rapid event starting in the eddy above Feature B and finishing roughly 100 yards down stream in the pool below the Monkey Face drop. Each competitor will get two 1 minute runs to throw as many tricks as they can while traveling downstream to the final drop. Scoring will use a – best run –format for this free ride event.

After we complete the first event we will then return to either Feature B or Feature C (depending on the skill level of registrants) to do a second 2 ride rodeo on a single feature. This will again be a best ride of 2 format. If we have a good turnout the second event will be held under lights after dark.

Scoring rules for both events can be found here:  

When we are all finished with the competition, awards will be given to the winners of each event. Not only will there be awards for the evening, we will also be crowning first ever Immersion Research King (or Queen) of the River.  This coronation will require significant gift giving including a boat, paddle, 2008 ASCI season pass, and a dry top.

But, even if you don’t win one of the events you too will not walk away empty handed as we will be giving away every piece of donated prize swag we have received from our generous sponsors.

All of this fun gets under way with registration from 5-6:30, course opens for practice at 6 and competition starts at 7 PM.

Thanks again to all of our great sponsors that have made this first year a success – Wavesport, Stonyboater.com and Stonyboater Paddle wax, ASCI, Immersion Research, Riversport School of Paddling, and Starrkmoon Kayaks. To see pictures of all the fun we have had and to check out results go to http://ascikingoftheriver.com .

Hope to see you there!

Upcoming events in the Western Maryland Region

Labor day Weekend is shaping up to be a great weekend for competitive and recreational boating. Friday August 31 will be the final Friday Night Fun Seriesevent – Riversport Series Final – a double event with 2 freestyle rodeos. All starting with Practice at 6 PM and competing under the lights from 7 PM on.

 For those who are looking for a slalom event, there is the revived Riversport Slalomon Saturday and Sunday. This is a beginner event held on Ramcat Rapid. An optional slalom clinic is held on Saturday morning followed by open practice in the afternoon and racing on Sunday. It a great race to get a taste of a great sport.

On the recreational side there are 3 days of releases on the Upper Yough, along with the usual options including the Lower Yough, low water Cheat, and ASCI whitewater course.

Results from Friday Night Fun Series #6 – Immersion Research Giant Slalom

A quick post with the results from this past Friday’s event, the Immersion Research Giant Slalom.  A dozen boats participated in the event including 1 Ducky, a 2 person Ducky, a C-1, 6 kayaks, and 1 C-1 that had been converted to a kayak.

Immersion Research Giant Slalom


1) Brian Homberg
2) Jesse Shimrock
3) Jack Ditty (C-1)
4) Ben Sieville
5) Andy Kirby
6) Paige Teegarden
7) Laura Marietta
8) Scott Stough 

1) Jesse Shimrock & Friend (D2)
2) Paige Teegarden

After 6 of 7 rounds of the Friday Night Fun Series, here is the top 10 standings in the Immersion Research King of the River competition:

IR King/Queen of the River

1) Paige Teegarden
2) Jesse Shimrock
3) brian Homberg
4) Lee Railey
5) Matt Fithian
6) Chuck Stump
7) Nancy Beakes
7) Jason Beakes
9) Chara Whittemore
9) Jack Ditty

Pictures from 8/10 Wavesport Freestyle are up

It took a little time but here is a link to a gallery with 370 pictures from the August 10 Wavesport Freestyle held at ASCI. The event was held at Feature”A” on the ASCI course. It was the 5th event of the Friday Night Fun Series.

Wavesport Freestyle #2

Enjoy the pictures

Weekend Water Outlook for the weekend of 8/17-8/20

Well here I go with a new piece that I’m going to try. I’ll be trying to put out a weekend water out look for the next couple weeks. I’m not sure if it will be useful so please leave a comment if it is.

Guaranteed Water

Upper Yough releases are scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Monday
N.Branch of the Potomac has a water quality release on Saturday for the Barnum to Bloomington section
L. Yough is always available
Adventuresports Center whitewater course is open from 9-6 all weekend

Regional events

Friday Night Fun Series at ASCI – Immersion Research Giant Slalom – registration starts at 5 PM racing at 7:00

Free Flowing Water

Prediction – There hasn’t been a lot of rain directly in Western Maryland so none of the local runs are up yet. If we get more rain locally,  I expect to see the Top Yough come in again along with the Blackwater and Big Sandy. But at this time (Thurday aftrenoon) none of these appear to rising fast enough to be in.

There looks to be some water that will be available in the Stonycreek River River watershed based on current rain fall totals.

Rivers currently running


Here are links to the  water level site for Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  FYI it appears that a fair number of the gauges in Western MD have not update4d since last Monday so make sure your looking at a current water level before you make a decision about where to paddle.

USGS Gauges for:


West Virginia


Weekend Weather Forecast

From the National Weather Service website:

Oakland, MD

Friday: A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms before noon. Partly cloudy, with a high near 86. West wind between 6 and 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Friday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 59. North wind between 3 and 11 mph.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 80. Northwest wind 5 to 8 mph increasing to between 14 and 17 mph.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 57.

Sunday: Partly cloudy, with a high near 78.

Sunday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly cloudy, with a low around 61. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Frostburg, MD

Friday: Partly cloudy, with a high near 82. Northwest wind between 6 and 15 mph.

Friday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 52. West wind between 6 and 9 mph.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 74. Northwest wind between 8 and 13 mph.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 49.

Sunday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms after 8am. Partly cloudy, with a high near 77. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Sunday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly cloudy, with a low around 54. Chance of precipitation is 30%.