This list is by no means as descriptive, comprehensive and extensive as Brian Field’s from Playboating Northwest, but at least it give a glimpse of what’s around the vicinity of Corvallis. I’ve put up some links below to videos and pictures from the playspots. Eventually, I’ll have some more descriptive info up like optimum levels etc.

(1) Pacifc Ocean – South Beach
(2) Pacific Ocean- Otter Rock
(3) Siltez- Frowny Hole.
(4) Lake Creek- Best play in the west!
(5) Longtom- Butt hole wave.
(6) Canoe canal- 24/7.
(7) North Santiam- Dead cow wave
(8) McKenzie – Neils Wave
(9) McKenzie – Clover
(10) North Santiam- Spencer’s Hole

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