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Wet West Paddle Fest, 2011- the Morriston

Travelling up last Friday from Southampton to Glasgow for my third WWPF gave me time to reflect on how little boating I’ve been doing lately and how much I needed the weekend festivus to sate the need for rocks and water.


Photo: Arrghh…Paddlers everywhere.

I met Chris, Stu, Andy and Shane at our accommodation (by way of a lift with Paula :-) ) and a few relaxing late night beers were in order. An early-sish start the next day and we scouted the Allt Muhic which was looking a little on the low side. Knocking that one on the head we headed over to the Morriston (for the Saturday dam release).


Photo: One of the rapids on the Morrsiton

The festival is always a great time to catch up with the folk who regularly travel high and low in search of good whitewater. And this year was no exception. We ran the upper section twice and the highlight for me being the first drop.


Photo: Chris on the top drop

It was then over to the Nevis centre for beers, raffle and dancing (if it can be called that).