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The Blastathon

Every year the Kingfisher Canoe Club based in Abingdon (Abs Vegas), Oxford, UK, host an informal freestyle competition on the abingdon weir. All are welcome to attend and its a super fun event. Points are awarded for things like, best costume, blasts, backwards blasts, window shade, air guitar etc…you get the picture.


Photo: Andy W. with the old paddle toss


Photo: Duncan having a blast (backwards no less!)


Photo: My, my what a big boat you have Jen!


Photo: Oh yeah…Don’t Stop Believing… air guitar central baby.

A really blooming fun day out for all. I did sublux my shoulder tho; my first kayaking shoulder injury in 20 years of boating. Typical..ya travel the world paddling all this ‘gnarly’ crap and then you whip ya shoulder out on your local playspot…all improving now now. Happy days!


Photo: Rick -your paddle twirl is more old skool than chalk and a blackboard. You rock my friend!


Photo: Chris going snorkeling in the Thames…yuk!


Itailia- The video

We has such a fab time in italy, even with the fluctuating river levels- too high, too low…who cares when you are in good company surrounded by good food, wine and scenery.