The Lower Chiusella, Italy

The Chuisella is up there in terms of world famous rivers- it being most noted for the site of the European Teva Mounatin Games. I’d been eyeing this river up for over 2 years and after we left the Soana we headed for its headwaters. On route to the Chiusella, I was a bit in awe, psyching myself up to run what would undoubtedly be one of the most challenging rivers I was likely to ever run.


Photo by Stylee Iley: Ewart as an angel, wings by Dan.

Upon arrivaal we saw that the river had little water in it and decided to wait to the next day to see if it came up at all. We spent the evening wild camping under tarp and making funny photos.


Photo: Dan Westaway on the lower Chiusella

After some rain, the river rose and we went to inspect. dan and I found places to scout 1/2 way down the run and were met with a thunderous amount of water falling over the drops. A quick phonecall to Westgarth confirmed our suspicions that we now had too much water to run the river and we opted for the lower section of the same river.

The river was full on from the get-go. Drops, boofs, flares, and PORTAGES. Pretty much continuous class 5. We managed 2.5 miles in about 5 hours- highlighting the amount of times we were getting out and scouting. Some lovely rapids tho and well worth a paddle.


Photo: Chris with a nice boof

A fantastic river; and we will return another time to paddle the upper section!


Photo: DJ Ewart playing some banging choons on the torch picture decks.

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