The Aosta Valley- The Soana

With the lack of rain in the Sesia Valley we decided to cut our losses and head over to the Aosta Valley. We had a a little poke around the tributaries to the Soana to see if there was much running but there were not many goods on offer, unfortunately.We cut our losses for the day and set up camp on the beach at the get out for the main run on the Soana.


Photo: Man (not) make fire!

It was so beautiful there, with the granite rocks amongst the lushious green valley backdrop. While Dan cooked rissoto, the guys made fire, or at least tried for 1 hour until the lighter became distinctly more appealing.


Photo: The Flaming Sambuca!

The following morning, we headed up to the power station get-in.  With every turn the river seemed to reveal a bit more of its true beauty.  There were several constrictions and plenty of spots to get some boofs in.


Photo: Andy on one of the nice drops


Photo: Ewart boofin’ away. Oh so colourful.


Photo: Dan with a nice boof.

There was one major rapid just before a dam. Andy ‘stylee’ Isley was the only person in our group to run it. Although the drop was actually okay (although defo a V), the drop afterwards was a mandatory portage at the levels we had, and if you screwed up the main drop, that hole was waiting to swallow you whole. Definitely a keeper.


Photo: Andy on the class V drop.

After this drop and the dam that followed, the river mellowed out slightly, but with some technical Class IV and V.


Photo: Dan on what turned out to be quite a technical drop.


Photo by Corkage: Stylee Iley …Hammer-Time!


Photo by Corkage: Me with a rail grab

A spectacular run indeed and I would highly recommend a day trip here  (or stay for longer like us) for a change from the Val Sesia usual runs.

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