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Val Sesia

Levels in the Sesia valley were low but we stayed a few days in ¬†Campertogno and managed a run on Alpine. Alpine sprint was fantastic and the low levels enabled us to run Mollia- one of the more challenging rapids in the locale. The bottom hole kicked two peoples butt’s and was definitely a painful encounter by all accounts…but a good, steep rapid to run.


Photo by Andy: Mr Westaway on Mollia


Photo by Andy: Dave C.  and Westgarth on Mollia.


Photo: Entering Campertogno

A beautiful run down this classic stretch of river, followed by lunch at the campsite. We paddled from the campsite down on the Middle Sesia, portaging the mandatory portage at river level. Some fun rapids along the way followed by ice-cream at the get out. Does life get any better?


Photo by Andy: Me on a little drop.


Photo: Corkage was wearing the best t-shirt; never a truer word written!