The Upper Dart in ELF conditions

A few weekends ago some friends and I went to Mr Westgarth’s G17 Adventure Paddler’s weekend. Temperatures were low; very low. River levels were low; very low. Did we care? Not one bit. Tonnes of people made the effort to get down to River Dart Country Park and Friday evening kicked off to a great start with a talk by Olaf Obsummer (which I missed), followed by a late night of socialising in the bar. Saturday we ran the Upper in extremely low flow (EFF) conditions (probs about 10 inches below the slab). The run in and out were scrapey, scrapey but the middle section was still fun and fairly technical.


Photo: Stu on the s-bendy type drop


Photo: Our Crew


Photo: Brrr….

I had a lot of fun at Euthanasia taking photos of nearly everyone crashing into the rock on river right side. Too bad I wasnt filming- there were some belters in there.


Photo: Moxy chipping away at the rock


Photo: Hardy with the Hero line…Also had a chip at the rock shortly after the photo was taken


Photo: Andy styled it!

Suprise, surprise was a bit of a bash down the river right channel, but defo the way to go as river left looked icky. We got back to base in time for food, beer and a great talk and video by James Flemming on his recent trip to Japan. More beer and jagermeister later, I stumbbled into bed after throwing shapes till about 1 am.

The next day many of our group decided not to paddle and so Chris, myself and a freind, Graham paddled the upper again. I defo was not on form and maybe should have refrained from boating. It was actually fairly amusing, looking back. Even though all of us have paddled the upper many, many times, I managed to get pinned trying out a new flare line, Graham found the surprise at surprise, surprise and Chris subluxed his knee while getting out of his boat to help Graham out of the surprise. We must have looked right numpties because a very kind gentleman offered to escort us down the rest of the river; showing us the lines….How embarassing…hehehe

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