Living the Dream for 4 days- Day 1; the Kent

Andy H. and Stu contacted me a few weeks back saying that they had booked some accommodation in Fort William/ Glen Coe area for Wet West Paddle Fest. I initially thought I would not be able to make it but I had to zip up to Brum area on Thursday and thought as I was 1/3 of the way to Scotland, I may as well finish the trip. Andy had two spare rooms, so I asked Chris P. if he’d like to come too; the trip was a go-er.


Photo: The gorge on the final 1 km of the Kent

After a few posts on UKRGB for advice on (1) lakes area rivers (2) in  close proximity to the motorway,  (3) with a walkable shuttle,  we decided to stop off and run the Kent. The Kent River- located 10 minutes off the M6- has 5 interesting drops on the lower 0.5 km and we blasted down in less than 5 minutes. The last drop,force falls, at least at the flow we ran it at, was very straightforward.


Photo: Chris on a lowish force falls on the Kent

I wanted to run the river again, but Chris, the voice of reason, suggested we push on to Fort Bill in time for closing at the local pub. Ingenious. We made it to Fort Bill by 10:30 pm and the guys at the hostel after hearing of our 6 am start gave us a few tinnies of Cider. As we drank it, we discussed the following days river options and reveled in the fact that we were sat at the base of Ben Nevis, about to dip our paddles in Scottish waters once again. Lush.


Photo: 11:00 pm- me enjoying a pear cider  at the bunk house after a 6 am start

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