Lower Sesia

The Lower Sesia is about a 7 km run though some pretty areas of the Sesia Valley. Classic class III fun; little of consequence on this section of river, just some nice clean rapids and surf waves. You can put in above “Little Canada” which is a nice clean class IV drop at the start of the run, but we opted for the clean rock slide seal launch just down stream.


Photo: Get in for the Lower Sesia

I sure wish i’d had my play boat as there was a really nice hole rivr right on the way down. We played there for about 1 hour trying to get loops out of creek boats. We collectively managed to throw some shapes, of sorts, in the hole..video later



Photo: Tom on a nice rapid about 1 km into the run.

After the run it was off to the shop to buy some delicous Italian grocieries and cheap beer for dinner.

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