Woodmill-UHCC demo day

The local canoe shop in Southampton (Woodmill outdoor centre) and Upper Hamble Canoe Club joined forces to host a “demo” day for the UHCC members. On offer were all of Woodmill’s demo fleet including playboats, river-runners, creekboats and sea ‘yaks.


Photo: Paul enoying the new ’10 All Star


Photo: Mal- diggin’ the sea boats on stable ground


Photo: Heather taking the Ammo for a test drive.

There was a good turn out from club members despite the weather being a bit off putting and the weir not working for most of the day.


Photo: UHCC members demo, demo, demo

But we had a tonne of fun on the rollers…


Photo: Paul loving the rollers.


Photos: Rollers-kate :-) in an axiom


Photo: Maria trying  Dagger’s agent.

Boats that I tried-  Playboats: All star 2010 (wicked, fast and super easy to squirt, triple thumbs up-will order soon), Dagger Agent 6.2 (hard to slice nose, short, comfy, might be nice at hurley). Fun (like they peeled the sticker of the old All Star and put the fun sticker on…having paddled the old All Star for the last 3 years Iam probs its biggest fan; so, yes, I adore the 2010 Fun too)

Creek/ river runners. Dagger Axiom (L, fun, oldstyle boat, good river runner, wouldn’t take of big drops but would consider buying). Pyranha Burn (L, super easy to turn on edge, responds really well to duffecks, not quite as fast at nomad, paddles like a playboat, would consider buying). Pyranha Karnarli (fast on flatwater in straight line, harder to turn, narrow, not comfy for me).

I think Chris’ face sums up the day!


Photo: Chris is a happy chappy

Thanks to Kev for organising and to all who came and made it such a fun day. HUGE thanks to Woodmill (and especially Mike) for use of facilities and boats.

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